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  1. I was just about to post this, when I saw Williebear had just posted it and you denied it as the solution.

    Grouper (Red Grouper, White Grouper, and Blue Grouper)???

    As to the riddle 'style', am I correct in...

    The clue is a 'cryptic crossword'-like clue, with the word "off" hinting that the other letters are "out of place", i.e., an anagram? E.g., "Turn keys to shear" comprises the letters for oyster (as it does shark, ray, skate and a few other fishes)

    That's what I was working on, too ("southern Hake" was the closest I could get. "turn" could also imply an anagram.

    Sorry, no to #6. Try 1980's.

    are sound-outs.

  2. 11.Spice up my ... neck?


    You're in the right body of water, I think. As far as I'm aware, what I have in mind is considered different.

    emperor? skipper? sergeant major vs grunt?

    Sorry, none of these.

    The descriptors are for a very American thing.

  3. Monkeyfaced prickleback

    Californian smoothtongue

    I know they're not right, but somehow I had to say them. Sorry.


    I don't get the 1st part,but

    "pitch it way down" ...BASS?




    Correct to the 1st, keep beating on the 2nd.

    barb - Any of various Old World freshwater fishes of the genus Barbus or Puntius and related genera.

    barb - A cutting remark.

    barb - A horse of a breed introduced by the Moors into Spain from northern Africa.

    Hmm, I guess if you stretch a bit on each ... but I like the other answer better! ^_^

    Remaining: 6, 11, 12

  4. Long shot?

    Short shrift, perhaps. Sorry.

    Don't nag!

    Ok, fine!

    1. sole

    8. perch

    7. smelt

    and sole and perch and smelt are fish????

    edit just got another

    & yup, there you go ... No need to keep fishing for clues. ;)

    had roost for 8. but think your theme is better. had thought from the title maybe something like won, too, read, blew but now have wisened up a la Dr Seuss and your insight. but thought nag, too? ...hmmm


    (2) flounder

    (9) ray [electric ray]

    and, though it doesn't fit the "Old Horse" part of the clue, "to bellyache" is, in a way, to (10) carp

    I am sure you are. It fits the title.

    Also correct - though I think it does, a la PG & fabby.

    That leaves 3,4,5,6, & 11,12. :)

  5. 1. My one & only. (Yet you step on me)

    2. Fail to muddle through. (Turnover)

    3. Pay your way. (Or stick it)

    4. Don't play that hot-shot. (Practices at the bar)

    5. Doesn't happen often. (Pitch it way down)

    6. Executive vs party. (Bangin)

    7. Got a whiff of that! (Remove impurities)

    8. Sit on the edge. (Mom rules it.)

    9. Dangerous when preceded by letters. (Sci-Fi weapon)

    10.Quit your bellyaching! (Old horse)

    11.Spice up my ... neck?

    12.Turn keys to shear off

    are a different form compared to the others.

  6. I always think you've gotta be fab, fabby! ;) How could you not be, with such a spectacular name & avatar? :lol:

    I always notice when people say "nuke-ular" instead of "nuclear". Thanks to the Simpsons, there are a *lot* of people who think that's the correct pronunciation.

    (My DH is one. GWBush is another. I don't like the association ...)

  7. Would a Cal-i-forn-i-an be considered as a common name for an animal? :D

    No. You can't classify fruits, nuts, & flakes as animals :lol::P even with the governator's accent.

    & besides, it's properly spelled Ka-lif-for-ni-an. ;)

  8. I'll be honest - it'll depend on the book(s).

    Maybe it would be better to get a list of books for the year & do one book every 2 weeks or every month - that way everyone knows in advance which is happening when, & they can participate if they want. Also gives people plenty of time to *find* the books.

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