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  1. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    Correction: Nana needs to not attempt to save anyone. Since she can't save self, if she attempts to save someone else and it fails then she would end up going into a 2 vs 1 or 1 vs 1 scenario without a vote, and that could make the goodies lose. I doubt it matters though because I'm pretty sure Nana or Bonanova is the baddie.
  2. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    How not to mafia How to mafia If it goes into a final day phase with 1 goodie vs 1 baddie (without a vote manip) so they both vote each other and die in the lynch does that count as a tie? Other than that, anyone see problems? Is everyone OK with that plan and please confirm if you send those actions? Mine is sent.
  3. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    @bonanovaYour block can come in handy after all... you get to prove your claim by blocking me tonight or else end up full of lead.
  4. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    Considering that the only role with a color in its Role Description is the Man in Black, you might want to try another hint.
  5. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    1. Gavinksong - voting for Flamebirde2. Flamebirde - voting for bonanova3. Nana77 - voting for plasmid4. plasmid - voting for phil5. phil18826. bonanova In response to Nana's vote, I will say that I'm a prime example of a goodie. And since there are fairly many new or newish players, I'll say that by "a prime example of a goodie" I mean "if you look at the OP and notice that the roles are numbered, I'm a prime numbered goodie role." And in case there's any ambiguity about the primeness of 1, it's not prime. So far I'm reading Flamebirde as goodie and Gavinksong as neutral, and I'll give one more lesson for him: If you have a question that only the host could answer and you'd like it answered, post it in red so it's clear that it's a question for the host and easy to spot, like thusly: Is a simultaneous goodie and indy win possible? If so, how? Specifically, what happens if the indy RID kills his last target and the goodies kill the indy simultaneously? Voting phil to encourage him to post. Nana and I have given demonstrations of how to respond to a vote on you. Your turn.
  6. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    Host: araver 1. Gavinksong 2. Flamebirde 3. Nana77 4. plasmid - voting for Nana 5. phil1882 6. bonanova 7. aura - Killed N1 by Dr. Robert Ford This sure will be a quiet game with no Aura around and a lot of relatively new players. All right Nana, give the folks a lesson on how to give a defense when there's an indy RID kill in the game.
  7. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    Wut? The baddie wouldn't care whether or not anyone else claims to be blocked. There's both the goodie block and the indy trap that acts like a block and even Dolores' ODTG block, so anyone could claim that they got blocked regardless of whether anyone else does. Unless you end up with four people claiming to be blocked.
  8. plasmid

    Westworld Mafia

    There sure are a lot of "ifs" in there. It could be affected not only by the saves -- the full time save, the trap, and Dolores' ODTG save -- there's Dolores' lynch save which will ensure that she doesn't get lynched and probably extend things, and both a full time goodie block and Dolores' ODTG block and an indy trap that could stop the baddie from vote redirecting (though indy is likely to act on self), and Dolores' ODTG extra vote that could essentially nullify the baddie's vote removal. Keep your ideas in mind, but stay flexible. Are we doing things with group NK mechanics (even though there's not really a baddie group) with regard to spying; in other words, does Dr. Ford appear on follow spy reports as acting on the NK victim? Also FYI FWIW the goodie block probably shouldn't act N1. It can't stop the baddie kill and is lower on the order of actions than the indy's trap so it can't stop the trap (right?) but it could mess up a goodie's action if you block a spy. The only real use of the block is to stop the baddie from being able to remove a vote.
  9. The picture in the spoiler above is an explanation with formulas that wouldn't look very nice if I tried to just write them out in text.
  10. Signups: 1. Gavinksong2. Flamebirde3. Nana774. plasmid5.
  11. Nah, I was going for a hint at being purchased goods. You can't just go out and pick a can of peaches off the tree, after all.
  12. You're closer than you think, PG; the latter cracked this one wide open.
  13. Nah, too many clues go unexplained with gophers: getting into gear, perching on a ledge, twisting, exposing... And remember that the "I" in the riddle is the one doing all that stuff, not having that stuff done to it.
  14. Okie dokie. Try re-reading it after seeing the answer.
  15. Most riddles don't go unsolved for this long on this site, but a substantial minority can stay around for weeks to months. It's pretty rare for people to post the answer to one of their own questions here even if it goes unanswered for a pretty long time, but does occasionally happen. I think I might have done that in the past, but if so it was on a riddle that I decided wasn't a very good one after I had posted it and looked over it again with fresh eyes. I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen with this riddle though; I think this will be a riddle that I consider "good" where the definition of good is that the answer is completely non-obvious unless you see it and re-read with the answer in mind, and if you do then all the clues jump out at you and you realize that it simply must be the answer. But if you're really stumped, I could share the answer via PM.
  16. Roster:1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. Panther 5. 6. Hirkala 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. Backup: 1. Thalia 2. plasmid Backing up until work lightens up, hopefully over the next few days. Baddies don't have much anti-claiming defenses like spy-kill to allow fake claims or RID kills or anything?
  17. Yikes, that's some pretty esoteric knowledge there. I know little enough about the process to even be able to give a proper assessment of how well it seems to fit the clues... so it's obviously not what I'm riddling about. I generally shoot for stuff that would be known by most people who're in high school, and in this case it doesn't call for any real education at all.
  18. I think I prefer this wording instead of a formula (even if I didn't explicitly word it this way back when I did the proof)
  19. Nothing to do with cutting down trees; I don't think I could see them as migrants who stowaway by a frontier in any sort of way that would trigger an "aha", and that's a pretty important clue to this riddle. I can see a watermill sort of fitting this set of clues, but it doesn't really clamp down on the ones about being secluded and lingering unseen until being exposed. Or the tiny but significant clue at the end about thinking they'd endure forever.
  20. plasmid

    UN Mafia III

    The wincons for both the goodie faction and the baddie faction are "last standing" while the wincon for the indy is to outlive two secret countries and the secret alliance (which in this case is just China) and the game stops if Sweden wins. If China is eliminated and Sweden outlives the two secret countries to meet its wincon, does that mean the UN Alliance loses? If so, Sweden is almost as much of a threat as China.
  21. Not that, Thalia. While it's on the right track in invoking a machine, I'm looking for one that really does get into gear while it's twisting and exposing. (And odd that the nested quote won't appear.... and that it was nested in the first place.)
  22. Not the migrants I'm going after with this one; they don't have someone sitting on a ledge and twisting the truth to expose them and get them deported. (At least not that I know of, but I'm admittedly a landlubber.)
  23. (Host): araver Players: 1. Thalia 2. bonanova 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MikeD 8. 9. plasmid 10. 11. Backups 1. 2. Voting for: * Classic game: Bonanova, plasmid * Individual wincons: Wow, quoting the roster and removing formatting sure is more difficult on BrainDen.
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