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  1. A nice interpretation for that third and fourth line, but I'm not a cross.
  2. I’d grab ahold of all I can Relentless in my spree Amidst the crimes I hung a man And then the man hung me I met some more of my own kind We really got along In open hid where none could find Except the dead and gone A pretty easy one to follow up on that walloping
  3. Afraid there's still a square lurking there And I'll take one more shot before bed
  4. If tilted squares are disallowed:
  5. Ah, about as close as you can possibly get actually...
  6. Maybe it would help to have a picture of the pins to color So if he had that arrangement Captain Ed showed and X's were red striped while O's were black striped, he would have the equilateral triangle of red pins shown in blue (plus a horizontal mirror image of it connecting three black striped pins in an equilateral triangle). And your task is to prove how many cold ones he had when he made that statement.
  7. Maybe something less ultimate
  8. Nah, it's pretty straightforward with a moderate amount of logic-ing. I'm surprised it hasn't been solved yet, unless the issue lies in understanding what the question is really asking for.
  9. Right on! I would count either that one, or since they might not be commonplace to some people...
  10. Barber's scissors is a pretty good fit. But I'm looking for something that's more commonly associated with perching in a line and flocking with its kind.
  11. IDK, I'm just a biologist It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that any two-color coloring of all possible lines connecting the vertices of a hexagon (without any three colinear points) must create a monochromatic triangle, at least as far as I can tell. And there's probably more to the theory than just that. But for this case, we're told the color of the bowling pins' stripes, not lines connecting them, and they sit in a hexagonal tiling with lots of colinearity and every angle being a multiple of 60 degrees.
  12. Not peas, I can drop stuff that'll make you more splendid than them.
  13. Why thank you, Shakee. I learn by watching the best. Not a feather -- the "I" in this riddle has a curved beak and sheds the droppings, and isn't an eagle or anything too similar.
  14. I perch in a line And flock with my kind Behold as my wings are extended By curve of my beak Are smoothened and sleek Relaxing among the ascended My droppings don’t dread Evading your head They won't splatter, but make you quite splendid
  15. Moving to the other side from my previous answer... Edit: guess I was a day late and a dollar short. Good riddle, Shakee, and nice solve, Thalia
  16. I was thinking of but I also like Wilson's answer with the "lighter than a feather" line (although that clue might still apply to my answer in my case =p)
  17. I was thinking that 5) The Chilean, who is not next door but one to the Belgian... means that there's one pitch between the Chilean and the Belgian. If st3v3n80 is able to ask the friend who gave him the problem these clarification questions, maybe we could sort it out.
  18. I'm coming up with an almost complete solution, but I have ambiguity on who prefers letterbox or virtual caches, which I think could belong to either of two people.
  19. Bob, who's a fairly bright guy, went out to the bowling alley with his buddies. They noticed that some of the bowling pins had the typical red stripes and all of the others had black stripes instead. At one point after a new set of 10 pins were laid down, Bob commented that there were no equilateral triangles formed by pins with the same color stripes. How many beers did Bob have by that point? Provide a proof.
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