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  1. Right on! I wrote this riddle just after seeing essentially this
  2. I had to think about it a bit to convince myself that the statement at the end of the first paragraph is really true, but I believe it is. For anyone not seeing it easily:
  3. You're getting quite close, plainglazed.
  4. Getting warm, but still looking for something that's hidden while out in the open.
  5. I'm not a picture frame. Tough in my mind to interpret it as having been found only by those now dead. Also not a skydiver. I'm something more commonly known for grabbing everything. Not an excavator. I don't envision him hanging and then being hung by the same "man". And also not a shovel for similar reasoning.
  6. I watched the video, and overall liked it. Since you asked for feedback: with the video format, I think I would prefer to see the question and be told to pause to have time to think of the answer before it appears instead of having a set amount of time for each question, since with at least some of them you either know it or you don't right off the bat. As it is, I got a little annoyed waiting a minute for the answer if I already knew it. The other main comment is something DejMar sort of alluded to, that there are potentially multiple answers that would make sense for some of the riddles. In particular the second one, I also interpreted it as most likely being a gotcha where each number in the sequence is (n)/(n+1), so the final term x/1000 comes after 9/10 and should equal 10/11, meaning x = 10 x 1000 / 11. Only after realizing that it wouldn't be an integer did I decide that it probably wasn't what you intended to ask, so the answer should be the other thing I had in mind and be x = 999. With the light switch, when I saw it here I thought there must be three positions with something like "off" going to "medium", "medium" going either to "off" or to "high", and "high" going only to "medium" so there would be a unique answer -- after any even number of flips the switch must be back at "medium" -- whereas with the youtube version if you change directions during flipping you could either end up at the original position or 180 degrees away. For the question of painting 8s, I could have interpreted a couple of ways: you could argue that he would only paint 8 once (if it's referring to house number 8, or just the number 8 and not other numbers that happen to have 8 as a digit), that he would paint it 20 times (if you mean the total number of digits that are 8), or maybe even 19 times (if you mean the total number of houses with any 8 on them, although that's a less likely interpretation). DejMar commented on the ambiguity of whether the question with Little Johnny is talking about making it home with the original $300 dollars or the money that the man is offering, but I suppose that ambiguity needs to be present or else it wouldn't be much of a riddle. And the last question seems like it might be a bit offensive if asked to a woman. It might not be possible to make the questions entirely unambiguous, especially the question about Little Johnny since the ambiguity is what makes it a riddle in the first place, but sometimes simple things like saying "how many times does he have to paint the digit 8" can help make it unambiguous. In general, I would say to check for (and ask other people to check for) unintended ways that the questions might be interpreted.
  7. Not an escalator. If I remember correctly the track record here has been that people's guesses about the difficulty of their own riddles ended up having little to no correlation with how tough they were for everyone else, so who knows.
  8. A nice interpretation for that third and fourth line, but I'm not a cross.
  9. I’d grab ahold of all I can Relentless in my spree Amidst the crimes I hung a man And then the man hung me I met some more of my own kind We really got along In open hid where none could find Except the dead and gone A pretty easy one to follow up on that walloping
  10. Afraid there's still a square lurking there And I'll take one more shot before bed
  11. If tilted squares are disallowed:
  12. Ah, about as close as you can possibly get actually...
  13. Maybe it would help to have a picture of the pins to color So if he had that arrangement Captain Ed showed and X's were red striped while O's were black striped, he would have the equilateral triangle of red pins shown in blue (plus a horizontal mirror image of it connecting three black striped pins in an equilateral triangle). And your task is to prove how many cold ones he had when he made that statement.
  14. Maybe something less ultimate
  15. Nah, it's pretty straightforward with a moderate amount of logic-ing. I'm surprised it hasn't been solved yet, unless the issue lies in understanding what the question is really asking for.
  16. Right on! I would count either that one, or since they might not be commonplace to some people...
  17. Barber's scissors is a pretty good fit. But I'm looking for something that's more commonly associated with perching in a line and flocking with its kind.
  18. IDK, I'm just a biologist It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that any two-color coloring of all possible lines connecting the vertices of a hexagon (without any three colinear points) must create a monochromatic triangle, at least as far as I can tell. And there's probably more to the theory than just that. But for this case, we're told the color of the bowling pins' stripes, not lines connecting them, and they sit in a hexagonal tiling with lots of colinearity and every angle being a multiple of 60 degrees.
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