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    it was easier, eh? You know how canada got it's name, right? It used to be called Commonwealth Northern Dominion...however, they realized that that was too long of a name, so, they abbreviated it C.N.D...but whenever it was spoken it became C-eh-N-eh-D-eh... I'm just playing around...
  2. Pickett

    word-eh? Just kidding...hmmm...well, i'm not from canada, so, we'll see how it goes: favour?
  3. Pickett

    Well, the rules state that you must use ALL of the letters in the word in your anagrams...so, that example doesn't work.
  4. Pickett

    Correct...It's a great riddle...I'm assuming you figured out how to get the answer and are leaving that up for everyone else to figure out And yes, that is the only answer to the puzzle...
  5. Pickett

    can't be 9*9 since it says they are distinct numbers...so that means it could only be 3 * 27...and therefore he would know the answer just by that
  6. Pickett

    To find whether this is the only possible solution, you'd still save a lot of time by writing a computer program. I suspect, there are other solutions. As far as puzzles go, this variation is more fair than the one posted before. Because solving the other one without a computer program was not a feasible task. I would change the question of the puzzle "What could be the numbers?" After looking at the other problem posted, I'm not sure if this one is actually any easier...in fact I could solve the other one easier than this one (however that could just be the way I think)... Second, this is not at all what I got for my answer...I'm confused as to how you made the statement that P has two choices and why those were the only 2 choices P had. Unless I have misstated the problem, you over-simplified it...maybe if you walk through how you got the answer...because from what I have found there is only one possible answer to this problem, and it is not the one that you stated...
  7. Pickett

    I couldn't find this one on the site...so I figured I'd post it...if it has already been done, I apologize... There was once a king who wanted to determine who the smartest person in the land was (funny how that seems to happen a lot in these forums). After a bunch of tests, it was down to two men (P and S), who claimed to be "perfect" logicians (meaning there was never any flaw in their logic). The king then told them their final test: "I am thinking of two different numbers greater than 1, whose sum is less than 100. I will tell P the product of my two numbers, and I will tell S the sum of the two numbers," the kind stated. The king whispers in P's ear the product of his two numbers, and whispers to S the sum of the two numbers...The following is the conversation that the logicians had: P: I don't know the two numbers... S: I know you don't P: Ah...now I know them... S: So do I Together, both men then stated the two numbers to the king, and he stared in disbelief... What were the two numbers? (NOTE: I actually wrote a program to solve this puzzle...however, I know it can be done without the use of any computer...)
  8. Pickett

    that is true...in theory...but I don't think you'll find a 4 letter word with a score of 6, or a 5 letter word with a score of 24. So, I was just saying you could try to find the highest score that you can per word length. For example, the answer already posted for 7-letter words would be tough to beat (score of 1.29). And you can just keep coming up with new challenges with this game...like what's the longest word you can come up with with a score over 1 (I think that 7-letter is the highest I've seen so far)...etc..etc...
  9. Pickett

    I'm glad you are enjoying this little puzzle. Like I said, it is really simple, but a good way to use up some time when you are bored (either in class or at work ). Yes, to clarify, you must use ALL of the letters in the word in your anagrams, and the anagrams MUST be valid words (I would probably just use dictionary.com or something to check for valid words). That's what makes it more challenging...the longer the word you use, the more VALID anagrams you must find to give it a higher score. EXAMPLE: if your word is TIN, you can obviously find TIN, TNI, NTI, NIT, INT, and ITN as anagrams, but only TIN and NIT are also words (unless you're a computer programmer, then INT would probably count ). No acronyms allowed. So therefore, there are only 2 VALID anagrams of TIN...and that means the score would be 2/3 or 0.67...hope that makes sense Besides the 1.75 score that I saw (which I still don't know about ), I have only gotten a score of 1.5 (woon also posted this answer). Another thing you can do is figure out the highest score for each length of word. IE. we know that for 2 letters, the highest score can ONLY be 1.0... what's the highest score you can find for 3, 4 5, 6, etc letters?
  10. Pickett

    Yeah, that's a good one. I had looked at that one, but
  11. Pickett

    That was my 1.5 as well...I'm just wondering if anyone can come up with any better ones. Nice job woon
  12. Pickett

    So, when I was in school, I got bored in class a lot...so I had to occupy my time somehow, and brain teasers/puzzles were a great way to do so...So here's a word game that I came up with (hopefully I can describe it well): Take a word of any length, and see how many anagrams you can make out of it that are also words. Then, to score that word, you take the number of valid anagrams and divide it by the number of letters in the word EXAMPLE (2 letter): WORD: on ANAGRAMS: on, no SCORE: 2 anagrams / 2 letters = 1.0 EXAMPLE (3 letter): WORD: tin ANAGRAMS: tin, nit SCORE: 2 anagrams / 3 letters = 0.67 EXAMPLE (4 letter): WORD: nuts ANAGRAMS: nuts, stun, tuns SCORE: 3 anagrams / 4 letters = 0.75 EXAMPLE (5 letter): WORD: alter ANAGRAMS: alter, later, alert SCORE: 3 anagrams / 5 letters = 0.6 I know a word that has a score of 1.5 (not claiming it to be the highest, but the highest I found so far, and without the help of any anagram finders...this was just me sitting in class...so there probably are better scores)...what's the highest you can find? Obviously you can use as many letters as you want, but the more letters you use, the more VALID anagrams you must come up with to get a higher score.
  13. Pickett

    You are correct dwilly on the first sequence, and snowman is correct on the second sequence (assuming you know WHY it is the answer you gave)...
  14. Pickett

    I cannot tell a lie, although you may think I am with these sequences: 1) 2, 3, 5, 13, 89... 2) 3, 4, 5, 7, 11... 3) 1, 2, 3, 8, 24, 90... What are the next numbers in these sequences?
  15. Pickett

    The other two are:
  16. Pickett

    Ahh...thank you, I had the last part of #2, but I couldn't get the first part...the fact that it was Distilled spirits (plural) was throwing me off...I was trying to get a plural word there.. Nice job
  17. Pickett

    This one was pretty tough...
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