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I Know I Spend Too Much Time On BrainDen When...


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When you spend 6 hours in your PJ and most of that time in front of your computer on BD and then after those 6 hours you notice that all this time you've been wearing your pajama inside out! :rolleyes:

nice andromeda

when you dont bother puting on your PJ's and just change in to what you are going to were tomarow so you can spend more time on brainden in the moring befor you go to school

when you feel proud that you made this post 71pages long and that you are the 700th post on this therad

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-when your BD account lasts longer than your new computer

-when the librarian bans you from the library for excessive use of computers.

-when you think that riddles should have their own subject in all schools or be a major.

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whenever you hear a riddle being answered, you automaticaly shout out: "please use spoilers!"

hahahaha :lol: good one

-when your answers become rly long and you don't know what to say because you've thought of all possible answers and you just try to sound smart...

*whew* :lol:

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When you walk into the science classroom and see "Elements moved to stop PT from getting too wide!" written on the board. I guess Prof. T. has been cheating on his diet? :P

:lol: :lol:

When you're positive you would have thought something along the lines of that :P


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