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I Know I Spend Too Much Time On BrainDen When...


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When you read MK's joke about edm....then laugh and think you're special....:D

When I start writing my BD name on my hand with gel pens and then flash them to anyone who asks you your name....:lol:

When you start using BD's smiley language IRL!!! :lol:

(My parents thought I was weird and my sis wanted to disown me from the family...:lol: :lol: :D)

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when you force your friends to get accounts for the sole reason that there is a mafia with a theme are in love with. (i think that made sense...)

That reminds me, i need to suggest a mafia so my other friend will join.

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when you have to explain the word lynch to a friend because of a joke-type thing, and are immediately reminded of all the mafias you've been in.

when you sneak on here in the middle of the night because you cant sleep and you have nothing better to do.

when your family and friends know everything about brainden solely because they've heard you talk about it.

when you try to use BD emotes on other sites.

when your parents automatically assume you're on BD whenever you use the internet.

when your parents threaeten to not get you a cell phone because every cell phone you want comes with a data plan and they know you'll probably use the data plan to get onto BD.

when you sit at your desk and stay there for 15 minutes, thinking of stuff to post on this thread.

when you post a thread like this.

when your sister basically assumes your life revolves around BD.

When shes right.

when you spend your time contemplating the names of other BD members.

when all of the above are true. :lol:

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woah...there's a hell lot of replies!XD

for me is when i start chanting riddles in the middle of art class until everyone is really tired and frustrated XD

and writing them in the middle of class, or helping my dad cook dinner....XD

i even start writing them on the classroom noticeboard! XP

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I wrote a BD riddle on my Social Studies classroom board one time. Nobody got it right, which is kinda sad because most of them were Pre-IB. :duh:

lol only one of my classmates got my riddle right!

took them a week to figure it out, but only took a day for you guys in BD XD

conclusion: BD members are smarter than normal people X3

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Hurray for BD!!! :D

When I just HAVE to end up incorporating brainden to any game I play....even snakes and ladders....:lol:

When I can't remember what I had for lunch 10 mins ago, but I can remember every single riddle I've written!!! :lol::D

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when you randomly burst out in math, "that's the answer to peace's riddle!" and everybody around you looks at you weird. :blink:

when you had a realy awesome post to post here, but you forgot it while browsing BD.

when when you get bored, you automatically start looking through all the random threads that were posted in 2008.

when youve read the first 15 pages in the jokes forum.

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when you decide over a few days you would read the ENTIRE jokes forum, including all the pages of ALL the topics.

this honestly happened: i did this last summer. :)

yeah, that's one of my goals for this school year. i'm about 75% there! :rolleyes:

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when your typing speed has more than doubled because of all the posts you've posted.

when you can almost type without looking at the keyboard because of how much time you've spent at BrainDen.

when you run around squealing because you're a senior member.

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-when you're watching wheel of fortune and they announce the spin id winner person and they say "JZ..." and you immediately think of JarZe.

-when you one up your dad on philosophical junk by reading an article off of BD.

-when you immediately turn to BD because you have no life outside of it.

-when you post a thread about your lack of life because you know your BD friends will make you feel better.

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