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The DEITY System


This is an RP, or roleplay- a collective story told by many people (as many that sign up), who each control a single character. They tell the story of their character as the characters interact with each other and the world, moving the story forward- sometimes toward a finish, sometimes not.

Only participate if you like to write ;D


Welcome to Epsilon, a world consisting of a tropical sea scattered with small islands. These islands, also tropical, are known as Epsilon-1, Epsilon-2, etc, all the way up to Epsilon-27, a sandbar off of Epsilon-26.

Nobody living in Epsilon decided on that, or the name of their world. They just know that's what it's called. Some of the islands are close enough together that you can see an island from the beach of another- the people there don't have the curiosity nor innovation to build a boat and explore- not yet, anyways. And nobody living on (for example) Epsilon-21 is curious that there may be 20 other islands, and maybe more... not yet, anyways.

The inhabitants are thus restricted to their own islands, all isolated from each other, where they make their living- a pleasant living. The weather is almost always good, except for the occasional monsoon. There is plenty of fish in the sea, fruit in the trees, and meat running around the jungle. Most of the islands have set up a sort of tribal leadership and community, living peacefully in beach huts or jungle houses, pretty sanitary too, though all the islands vary. Some are worse off than others. The people are usually very pacified.

This proclaimed "unrealism" is denounced by the mysterious DEITY System- the apparent boss of the world. It represents a god to the people of Epsilon- they know it exists, just as they know that they are living a place called Epsilon, just like they know their own island number. They also know that the DEITY System resides on the island Epsilon-0.

I say "apparent boss of the world" because the DEITY System does not interact with its world- not directly, anyway. The people fend for themselves. It does not interfere, for good or bad. It does not see the future. The people don't pray to it. But it is their god, their ruler - they just know that. I said "not directly, anyway"- and by that, I mean the DEITY System's propoganda. Yes, it interacts through propoganda- strange creatures known as Heralds may appear on the horizon, a couple of them in a long boat, using long paddles to bring themselves to shore. The people of whichever island the Heralds are visiting gather around, offering them food, drink, shelter. But Heralds don't eat, nor drink, nor sleep. They have no need. They are just there to give messages of the DEITY System, to spread propoganda. Slogans such as "Adapt. React. Be Independent. Be REALISTIC!"... or pictures of tribesmen gathering together, working in groups, or thinking of new ideas- or discovering new things, creating new inventions. Once the Heralds have given their message successful, whether it be verbal, a sand drawing, or an object they had taken with them, they depart as they had come, disappearing into the horizon.

It seems to you or I that Epsilon is a very strange world- but not so to the people that live there.

Epsilon does not really exist as you or I think of "existing"- it is inside a computer. It is the testing realm for an artificial intelligence computer system that its programmers call the DEITY System. The two programmers/scientists that made the DEITY System are currently in the fifth cycle of testing, terminating the world and starting over each time after a "failure". The cycle is a "failure" if a "success" is not reached within the 99th generation of the Epsilon inhabitants- a time span of a few hours in the real world.

The programmers are hoping that the inhabitants of Epsilon will form communities, they want leaders to emerge, they want diversity to spread, they want Epsilon-ians to develope the curiosity and skill to travel their world, they want them to adapt, to become more and more "realistic", as the DEITY System urges. And, of course, they want a "success"- not another "failure". If this fifth cycle is a "failure", their project will lose its financial support, and be over. So they want a "success" very much- it would also be a huge breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is the main goal.

So what is a "success"?

A success is when a member of the world of Epsilon develops the desire to seek out the DEITY System- tp find the island of Epsilon-0, where the Heralds come from, where the DEITY System abides. When that happens (when an Epsilon inhabitant reaches Epsilon-0) it is declared a "success", a major breakthrough in AI, and the cycle will be terminated- and the DEITY System will continue to be worked with by the programmers to continue their artificial intelligence program. That is a "success".

Spoiler for a moral question to consider:

If a "success" is declared, it means the 'AI' really is just 'I'. It means the people of Epsilon, Cycle 5, or at least some of those people, could truly be seen as living beings, capable of everything we are. Would it be wrong to just pull the plug after a success, to terminate their world once they reach Epsilon-0? To just end Epsilon, Cycle 5, and start a new cycle with even more goals? Think of that in the background- it's a long way off from now (at least in the point of view of someone living in Epsilon)

Intrigued? Want to join?

Before I post how to join and how to get started, I just want to see a show of hands of how many people are interested, if any. So post here if you're interested :P

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You never find out more, lol (octopuppy, are you another LOST fan? :D i love LOST- but trust me, this wasn't influenced by LOST- it came out of my own, wacky imagination ;D)

No, we are the ones that make the story.

Each time you post, you post a segment of the story, centered around your character. You cannot make other people's characters do stuff they have not already done in a post, ie, make up something that they're saying or doing. That's called powergaming. And you can't make your person invincible or all-around-amazing, that's called godmodding. Other than those basic RP rules (and of course the rules of BrainDen, which include no sexuality and stuff like that, I'm sure), there aren't any rules, except be realistic and use good grammar and stuff.

We'll start soon- I'll wait a bit more for some people, then we'll see if this is gonna work out :D Keep in mind that it might not

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