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SHELL if 1 could be any of S_E_L as _H_L_ are in WHILE

  so try SHALE if 1 then S as _H_LE is in WHILE and __A__ is in LEAST

  if 0 it is one of __E_L as we have eliminated S

   so try STALL if 0 then L as there is a difference between SHELL and STALL we know it is E in 3rd position

   else L is the last letter by elimination

if SHELL is 0 it is one of_T_E_ as they have been omitted from STEEL

  so tray STALE if 1 then T as S is in SHELL ___LE is in WHILE and __A__ is in LEAST

  if 0 then E as 4th Letter as it is not T and has to be one of _T_E_ as above


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If not FLIES=2 above


if 2 then P is last letter SHE__ is in SHELL = 0 which means EP are in word

if 1 and then B is the first letter as not L (in FLIES above) not the first E as it is in STEEL, the other E is known, and not P or SHEEP would be 2

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