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if 2 we know that last letter is Y as X is the only one different to RELAY

if 3 we know that the second to last letter is A as R and E = 2, L can be discounted as FELON = 1 and the last letter cannot be X or Y or there would be a difference in the scores between RELAX and RELAY

if 4 we know that both A and X as L can be discounted as FELON = 1

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SCOUT = 0 means RE = 1 since SCORE = 1.   



If 1 then E 5th as SCORE = 1 means not R from RE = 1

if 0 then R 4th as only change from SCORE = 1

if 2 then NE 4th, 5th as SCORE = 0 rules out SCO


Also if 0 then N is 3rd.  DONUT = 1, SCOUT = 0 rules out UT,  DOORS = 1 would rule out DO as R would be 4th.

If SCONE <>0 then DO = 1 AS DONUT = 1 but SCOUT = 0 rules out UT and if SCONE <> 0 then from above DOORS = 1 can't be RS as R would be proven not 4th above and E proven 5th.  This leaves DOO =1 from DOORS = 1and DON = 1 from DONUT = 1.  DON =DOO means not N or O 3rd, so DO =1.



If 0  then D is first as DOORS = 1

if 1 then O is 2nd as DO = 1 from above  and BOORS = DOORS rules out D 1st

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