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TMM IX: Call of the Brawl

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Wii got 'em

"This is-a terrible." said Mario. "All I want-a to do is play-a Super Smash Bros. with you guys, but no one wants to play our game anymore."

"That's because everyone is playing those war games now Mario. You know, Call of Duty, Halo and what not on the Xbox." quipped Marth.

"Pika Pika".

"Well then why don't we go after them? If we can't beat each other up why not try to beat up those games?" asked Link.

Meta Knight, Falco and Mr. Game and Watch all nodded their heads in agreement. The brawl was on.


Baddies: Xbox Franchises

- Have BTSC

- Night Kill (can't be blocked)

- WINCON: Be in majority

CALL OF DUTY: The most popular game for the Xbox Console. Has a trap each night.

HALO: A long-standing franchise. Can multiply anyone's vote by 2 or 0 each day.

BATTLEFIELD: Another solid Xbox Game. Spy each night

GOODIES: Brawl Characters

- WINCON: Kill the Xbox Franchises

MARIO: Nintendo's most beloved character. Has a block each night.

PIKACHU: Can shock someone into changing their vote each day.

KIRBY: Chooses a role to copy. Can use that role the following night or store it and copy someone elses role the following night.

META-KNIGHT: Best character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Kill even nights.

FALCO: Very sneaky. Can spy someone's role per night.

MARTH: Very persuasive. Can redirect anyone per night.

LINK: Always a hero. Save each night.

Host: GM

1. hotterthnfire

2. mew

3. flamebride

4. TheChad

5. smoth333

6. 'Cat'astrophe

7. maurice

8. mboon

9. tolecnal

10. curr3nt


1. Thalia

2. MiKi

3. MoMa

4. Shadow

5. Auramyna (happy to play if needed.)

6. Akriti ( or rather a backup )


1. storygirl101


- maurice and curr3nt may become "mentors" for someone if a new person wants to play this game.

- I have assigned newer people mentors from the list below. You will not know which mentor is mentoring which player.

- Players, please note that your mentor is there to help you but you should have complete control over your actions and posts in the thread. Their advice is there as guidance but you should be the one making the final decisions


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Thalia with gm its usually all actions go through unless acted on...only for direct loops is there an issue.

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Order of Precedence is what I go by. Basically your action will go through unless you are stopped by someone else. The Order of Precedence for this game is

Trap --> Block --> Redirect --> Save --> Kill --> Copy --> Spy

Again, NK can't be stopped via block, only through a save

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"go goodies" is an EDM thing. smoth wants us to think EDM is secretly mentoring him. Cat is now countering the EDM mentor claim which is a suprise attack seeing as how it is only N1. I'm curious to see how it plays out.

And you are wrong mew. I trust you, mboon and lancelot.

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Hmm...both of them using three thumbs up smilies could mean smoth is planning on taking action on flamebirde (3rd in the roster) or me (C3). With Cat confirming. smoth had 7 ! and Cat only had 3. maurice is the 7th in the roster so maybe they are suggesting getting maurice to go after the 3.

How deep does the conspiracy go?

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Well Cat, Curr3 has foiled our plan with his insight....back to the drawing board!!! :ph34r:


Exclamation points: 3 (10 total for thread)

Smilies:1 (4 total for thread)

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Ha! You only want me to think I foiled your plan! .. ._ __ ___ _. _ ___ _.__ ___ .._ _ ._ _._ . _ .... ._ _

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