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  1. I think that we should lure people who frequent other categories on this site over to this Games Forum and give them a shot at this game
  2. Yay we...wait darn. I think we are done for.
  3. 1) Phil1882 2) Framm18 - DEAD [Killua] lynched 3) Flamebirde 4) bonanova 5) GMaster479 - voting for araver 6) Araver {APR 0} 7) Nana77 - DEAD [?] killed by Ant Queen I would have done this yesterday had it not been futile to me.
  4. This is fun. Sorry I wasn't here for most of the day on here I had a few things to take care of elsewhere on the interwebs. The tie rule still confuses me after reading through all the clarifications, but if I'm not mistaken since Bonanova created a 1v1v1v1 tie, he would be done for and if I were to vote for say...araver today I would be done for if the votes stay the same? Please correct me if I am wrong Y-San I feel a decision needs to be made though. I already know Flame is good because I understood exactly what he was hinting at but I don't think araver is bad either. I don't THINK bonan
  5. Um...I think you're probably misreading Neferpitou's RD...she has two abilities that she can choose from. I probably should have chosen a less subtle shade of green lol. Sad thing is, is I think I read it correctly the first time... Framm this is a sign you've played in too many of my games... 1) Phil1882 2) Framm18 3) Flamebirde 4) bonanova (that's with a lower case b) 5) GMaster479 (or can back-up or mentor as needed) 6) 7) Nana77 (or can back-up or mentor as needed)
  6. Gmaster479

    Newbie Mafia

    I think some book worm could do a Literary Mafia with Stephen King, Poe, and some other authors for a small Mafia game on here. Maybe Best Sellers as Baddies/Goodies?
  7. I know that IPB updates pretty frequently but I don't believe that they will do a complete forum re-design for a while. I've been made a tech admin on a number of IP Boards now and I could probably do it without too much trouble though if you want to. Though if you have the money I can recommend people who would do it as well and cover updates
  8. Very nice job on the site Rookie. I think it is very nice, very modern. The company did an outstanding job. I guess my question now would be can we update the forum to match the site. The blue on the old IPB 3.0 skin fit so well with the blue on the old site design that to me it almost felt like they were integrated in some way. Now I go to the forum here and feel like it is so separate. Would you be willing to pay someone to upgrade the forum to match your new design?
  9. DAY 4: Battlefried mboon was weary and tired. He argued, he claimed roles, and it was a good defense...but not good enough to feign off the relentless tirade of curr3nt. With minutes to spare, curr3nt convinced everyone to gang up on mboon and finished him off. Battlefield was done for, and the remaining Brawl characters cheered gleefully for having claimed their turf back from the XBox baddies ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB END OF DAY 4: GAME OVER: GOODIES WIN ROLES 1. hotterthnfire - Kirby 2. mew - Pikachu 3. flamebride - Halo 4. TheChad - Call Of Duty 5. smoth333 - Mario 6. 'Cat'ast
  10. NIGHT 4: Headshot With two baddie lynches in a row, the goodies were ready to finish them off. Marth decided that the best way to help their cause was to talk to mboon. Marth walked up to mboon and casually whispered something in her ear, giving her a new target for the night... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB Battlefield was alone, the last man standing among the XBox games. He was ready to finish off the Brawl characters and take revenge for the deaths of his allies. In the distance, he saw mewminator and decided that it was his time to go. Looking down his sights, Battlefield took his shot and
  11. Night Post will be up before midnight. Thank you for your patience
  12. DAY 3: The Last Knight The logic was simple enough. A block goes through and a trap doesn't. Therefore the blocker must've blocked the trapper. On a quiet day like this, no other evidence was presented and it seemed as though TheChad was ready to go. He pleaded with the few active people to spare him, claiming a role no one else could. Others suggested this was a brilliant baddie ploy to frame TheChad. On an active day, a defense like this surely would have generated some sort of discussion and possibly saved him ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB END OF DAY 3 Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire - lynched
  13. NIGHT 3: The Prince... Mario was very pleased with the results of yesterday's lynch and had a good feeling on who to target for tonight. He saw TheChad sitting on the pier near the edge of one of the maps and knew exactly what to do. Mario filled his water-powered jet-pack and flew over and whisked TheChad away for the night. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB Meanwhile, Marth was finally ready to take some action in this game. He walked slowly and calmly up to mewminator and lifted her up by her shirt with the tip of his sword. He said to her "Any action you thought of doing to someone tonight,
  14. DAY 2: Reach After a successful save the night before, the goodies now wanted to get rid of an Xbox Game as soon as they could. Tolecnal and curr3nt lead the charge on flamebirde, whose actions the previous day did not go unnoticed. They pushed flamebirde to be sacrificed to the hands of Brawl, and with a mighty "smack", Halo was no more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB END OF DAY 2 Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire - lynched and found to be Kirby 2. mew 3. flamebirde - lynched and found to be Halo 4. TheChad 5. smoth333 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. maurice - killed by the Baddies 8. mboon 9. tolecna
  15. @TheChad: It is up to each person to reveal their own mafia experiences. They could be lying to you however. Also for everyone, you are allowed to say what your role is/claim a role but realize that you can't "PM rep" or take a PM I have given you to prove it. You must use your words and actions to prove any claim you make
  16. NIGHT 2: Revival After lynching a goodie yesterday, the Brawl characters were up in arms about who was to blame. The XBox Games wanted to "silence" them. They spotted smoth333 and felt that he was exactly the person who would silence the lot of them. In an instant the Call of Duty player, in his new MW3 get-up, grabbed smoth333 and threw him in the back up his Hummer and drove off to trap him for the night... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB Meanwhile, the rest of the XBox Games were ready to take on their next target. Their strategy seemed simple enough, but tonight it was, in fact, too simple. T
  17. DAY 1: Copied The first day after the brutal killing of maurice the previous night was surprisingly quiet. Three missing votes...seems that Master Hand and Crazy Hand are going to have to set things straight . Anyway back to today. Those that did vote seemed to have TheChad firmly in their sights. However when the votes were counted, it seemed as though there were more for hotterthnfire rather than TheChad and so hotterthnfire was lynched, and our good friend Kirby was no more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COTB END OF DAY 1 Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire - lynched and found to be Kirby 2. mew 3. f
  18. NIGHT 1: Packaged... The Call of Duty game was looking for his first target for the night. He wandered around for a while until he saw curr3nt talking slyly to one of the other players. The COD player motioned for curr3nt to come over while silently pressing a button hidden in the pocket of his army jacket. As Curr3nt was walking over, the COD player asked Curr3nt to stand where he was standing to see if he saw someone out in the distance. Curr3nt stood there for a long while and then just before he got the thought to move from the spot where he was told to stand, the care package the COD
  19. Since this is a newbie mafia, let me make a quick little point. Night actions are not like papers/assignments for your class. You aren't supposed to put them off until the last minute. Please try and give them to me at least an hour before the night ends so I can have a post for you that is on-time. If everyone gets their actions in the Night Post should be up between 1130 PM EST and 1159 PM EST
  20. Order of Precedence is what I go by. Basically your action will go through unless you are stopped by someone else. The Order of Precedence for this game is Trap --> Block --> Redirect --> Save --> Kill --> Copy --> Spy Again, NK can't be stopped via block, only through a save
  21. Sorry...night ends TOMORROW night Monday. So not ending tonight lol
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