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Welcome, adventurers, to the Kingdom of Infinity, a realm where anything might, and usually does, happen. We have orcs, humans, sprites, elves, dwarves, dragons, etc., and creatures you could not even imagine living here. So tell me, who are you?


USERNAME: OmegaScales

NAME: SelacsAgemo


APPEARANCE: Whatever I choose to look like at the time (currently a glowing young man)

PROFESSION: God of everything that exists

OTHER INFO: I will control shopkeepers, quest givers, etc.

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USERNAME: tolecnal

NAME: Lancelot

RACE: Half-sylvan elf/half-human

APPEARANCE: Born on the streets of a human city in the Kingdom of Infinity, Lancelot is short and her appearance sallow for lack of green and growing things within the city walls. Despite being small, and rather dirty, she's strong and quick from a lifetime of running away from punks willing to kill her for her emerald green "Half-Blood" eyes.

PROFESSION: Orphan, about to sign up as a hand on a mercenary train to wilder parts

OTHER INFO: Without exposure to the ancient places of the Kingdom of Infinity, Lancelot has never felt the power over the natural world intrinsic to the sylvan people - not even by half.

:) Never participated in an RP before, sounds like fun

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*asks eagerly* we can make up who we are????? :D

Yes you may.

First: General Disclaimer: Any mention to any copyrighted material is unintentional and blah blah blah.

Some rules:

  1. You may have two characters (since I want to do more than just the npcs, I will let others have a second character as well). Just make it clear which character is doing what. eg.
    John: sleeping         	
    Jane: fighting

  2. You start alone, but can join up with anyone later on.
  3. You may travel throughout the kingdom in a group of up to five people. Traveling alone is also an option.
  4. Any monsters, items, weapons, locations, etc. must be website appropriate (remember that there are kids here).
  5. Players may die, but can be revived by another player within 72 hours. Otherwise, you may create another character (if you wish).
  6. Do not be an @$$hole; you are NOT immortal or the best fighter ever. (That's Chuck Norris. :lol::mellow: :mellow: :mellow: ) You must get hurt/ill at least once a week.
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I won't have time to log in regularly and play as much of a role as a typical player should, but perhaps I could play a little supporting role.

USERNAME: plasmid

NAME: snowpaw

RACE: felis catus (domestic cat)

AGE: 3 (that's 28 in human years)

APPEARANCE: see my avatar

PROFESSION: hunting mice

OWNED BY: the first player to say they want me as their pet (take THAT, rule #2! Mua ha ha)

OTHER INFO: For the most part he wanders off and tends to his own business, oblivious to the unimportant trivialities that consume the time and attention of these larger, less graceful, and pitifully unfurry creatures. On rare occasions (as if a higher power had broken free from work and turned his gaze elsewhere) he pays attention to these lower beings' trials and tribulations, and might grace them with his intervention. But he expects to be worshiped with belly rubs and string to play with for these magnanamous deeds.


EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE: He has no opposable thumbs and therefore cannot use any standard weaponry (but he does seem to be able to use a computer). Occasionally wears a collar, would not be caught dead wearing a pet sweater. But since he is unarmed and is a cat, he is generally not recognized as a threat until after he initiates an attack.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Always lands on his feet after a fall from any height. Makes susceptible creatures sneeze and get watery eyes, reducing both their stealth and accuracy.

LANGUAGE: can communicate with other cats, his owner, and any characters that specifically have the ability to understand animals (actions appear outside spoilers, communication appears inside spoilers, open them only if you have this ability). understands human language perfectly.

CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?: 4 shore! lolol

Edited by plasmid
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Can we have a limit on power of roles? No like, shape-shifters or djinni or anything.

I'll be a wizard, but I'll put up my role story later.

How's this: you can not learn any abilities not native to your race. Wizards must choose one of the following professions (FF based): Black mage (mainly attack and negative status magic; strongest magic is "Ultima"), White mage (mainly healing and positive status magic; strongest magic is "Holy"), Red mage (can use both white and black magic, but cannot use the strongest magics).

OWNED BY: the first player to say they want me as their pet (take THAT, rule #2! Mua ha ha)

LANGUAGE: can communicate with other cats, his owner, and any characters that specifically have the ability to understand animals (actions appear outside spoilers, communication appears inside spoilers, open them only if you have this ability). understands human language perfectly.

Howz about Snowpaw is a wizard's cat and that's why he/she can talk. Maybe Aaryan's character could be his/her master.

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Howz about Snowpaw is a wizard's cat and that's why he/she can talk. Maybe Aaryan's character could be his/her master.

Sounds good to me, I might as well be able to speak since I bet no one would have the restraint to not read the spoilers anyway.

Well, Aaryan, you're not allergic to cats, are you?

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NAME: Libronalah the Scholar

RACE: Human

APPEARANCE: A jolly, balding old man with a short gray beard garbed in a plain green travelers cloak.  He carries with him a large leather-bound book.

PROFESSION: Scribe, linguist, former librarian of The Great Archives of Demlur

OTHER INFO: A non-combatant, but a very informative fellow.

Edited by Molly Mae
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USERNAME: unreality

NAME: Djino

RACE: sunblooded

APPEARANCE: reddish bronze skin, fiery orange spiked back hair, satyr-like hooved feet (legs covered in tannish orange fur), strong tanned muscular upper torso but recently crippled (see Other Info), blazing bright blue eyes like an oasis

PROFESSION: see Other Info

OTHER INFO: Djino is a member of a nomadic clan of sunblooded, a desert-dwelling race of genie/human hybrid descendants who have made the great desert and surrounding mountains and endless forests their home for millenia. The sunblooded follow a religion known as the Wish which teaches that any sunblooded are descendants of wish-granting superior genie gods which gives them the right to violently massacre any other creature if needed, and that everything is placed on the planet for the ultimate purpose of aiding the sunblooded to their ultimate goal: acquiring the werewithal for, and carrying out, the building of huge skyships that can fly into the Sun, which is the emblem of their people and their equivalent of heaven or ultimate paradise. The Sun is the lifegiver and lifetaker. How else would a desert nomad people describe the big hot glowing orb in the sky?However, Djino is different. Previously a devout and dedicated warrior in a relatively powerful and revered sunblooded clan, he recently accidentally ate some kind of oasis lichen and received a prophetic vision from an even higher power than the Sun, a god known calling itself selacSagemO. Caught up by revelation of the connectedness of all life, Djino brought his teachings back to the sunblooded society, and needless to say, they were not received well by the general populace, or anyone for that matter. Djino barely escaped the desert with his life, become heavily wounded in the process. Losing blood quickly, slashed in the arms and torso, battered in the legs, he wandered as his life force slipped away. Eventually he made his way up a mountain slope and crashed in a tiny snowbound alpine village on the other side of the great desert's rain shadow. He woke up two weeks later after a slow recovery, filled with my many exotic dreams and half-lucid awakenings, only to slip back under the weather. Lucky to be alive, he thanked the townsfolk and accepted the small parting gift of food and supplies they had to offer, and set off toward the nearest major city, where the townsfolk said a temple was to be found, and there he may find the answers he's looking for regarding selacSagemO

edit: to clarify: Djino can walk, but his legs are heavily bruised and his joints scarred, he can no longer run long distances on his hooves like the sunblooded normally can. No longer can he jump long distances either. His torso has been repaired and his guts aren't spilling out or anything, but his immune system has been deeply weakened and he has a lot of nerve damage in his arms, mostly the right arm, which reduces their dexterity immensely. He still has the muscle memory of all the complex combat maneuvres he used to know, but can no longer carry them out with tactical precision. He would be a good teacher though for future warriors. The road to healing will be long & harsh, and maybe one day he will be adept at combat again but he will never reach the physical highs of his past machismo. The road to mental healing is equally painful, recovering from a half-lifetime of sunblooded teachings and mindsets and trying to fit into a somewhat more peaceful society (since even the bloody society of a fantasy medieval world is probably more peaceful than a nomadic desert society that believes every other race has been put there to support their survival & religious goals)

Edited by unreality
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Ah. Well that's kind of the beauty of it. You can be whatever.

On a site I used to frequent, the RPs went all crazy mad with trends (anime, vampires, ninjas, werewolfs, half-demons), so I made a fiery half-demon unicorn that throws ninja stars and changes into a vampire during a full moon. That was my protest, but I fit right in (it was annoying). So I made a non-combatant who was looking for something. Nothing in particular..just...something. Everyone thought I was lame. The point? Story-driven RP is great--it can be amazing. But an RP that involves little character development (but a lot of "I stab u with my swrd to ur head!") is really a waste of time.

Character restrictions? I'm not a fan. Player restrictions? If someone can't play nice.

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