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Do you play an instrument?


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Does anyone out there know how to play an instrument?

I can play a bit of piano, saxophone, and flute.

Also, anyone ever been in a band camp?

MAN! Was it hard or what? That should be the new Olympic Sport.

Include other band or instrument questions in here as well.

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I was a music education major in college, as such, we had to learn a passing knowledge of several instruments... I can play, (but not well!) flute, saxophone, trombone, piano, guitar, and trumpet. The funny thing is, I was a vocal emphasis... so I guess you could add kazoo to the list ;) I have also had to learn the accordion and violin for theater shows I've been in.

Keep in mind with the exception of the piano and guitar, these are passing knowledge only, I'm not ready to play in a band or anything!

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Ah, band camp. Enjoyed my time in marching band in HS & uni, but I'm old now & no way in hell doing that anymore. (Though if I go back to school again, I will probably do concert band & pep bands. It's that fun.) Now I get to do alumni band & threaten to not give money to the department every two years when they make us remember all the marching & chart reading & doing it again ... & again & again & again. ;)

Technically I can play the piano but haven't in a looong time. Play flute & piccolo, with a few other odd-duck instruments during my time (pit percussion marimba/xylophone, cymbals, brake drum was interesting ... & loud :D , a *little* alto flute, & the odd bit of recorder, clarinet, & water goblets).

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Well, I can proudly say I play the voice. ^_^ (For everybody who doesn't get it, I sing. You'd be surprised how many people there are) But I also play decent piano, nothing too good, but decent. I also had about a year of basic French horn. I've forgotten it all now, but it was there. I also play a teeny-weeny bit of viola and violin. So not a lot. But I am proud of my voice.

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I play the piano, guitar, tuba, voice, and violin but I think I'm best at playing the voice. (this is my opinion, although it probably doesn't help that I only play the voice in the shower.)

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