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  • 10 months later...

hydro, cerebrum, dex - things associated with electrical stimulation

lightning, rut, prickly, _____

a little tentative re bumping a thread i had started but reread some of these today and it brought back some funny stuff so gonna give it another go anyway.

and when MoMa returns, he best explain himself...

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  • 4 weeks later...

tree, lung, hydrogen - air

breathing, food, muscle -

I'm glad you revived this thread pg, it was fun reading it from the beginning.. and now i also have the opportunity of joining "the hunt" ;)

on topic : I first thought of CO2 instead of air .. but Hydrogen does not belong ;)

so Panther , did I get it right ? :D

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@PG energy was not what I was aiming for but it fits more then what I was thinking about ;)

dirt, lava, diamond - Minecraft

ore, stone, pyramid -

PS. Minecraft was the the one thing that appeared on all links on the first google page when I was searching for the 3 words ;)

I initially thought of Carbon but Google rulez so I changed my guess ;)

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