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Two bars down

And two more left,

An argument

O'er central theft.

Where to go

This weekend night?

Challenge awaits

In mood to fight.

Choiceless, he,

When one-two-three,

My name resounds

In victory.

Edited by Molly Mae
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sounding musical ... major, whole, chord ... ?

I see where you're coming from. I like it. There's a better fit, but I like it.

FREE-FOR-ALL . But I can't explain all of it.

If you're talking about a brawl, no. Otherwise, I'm not sure what that means...so still, no.

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Should I take that as a "no", then? :D

Yeah, sorry. It's a no.

...music which I cant even read. after rereading the OP tho, how 'bout - minor? as in underaged to drink as well as the musical reference. maybe too like "minor" victory

I can't read music, either. And, unfortunately, this one's not about music.

I also get some sort of music vibe. I can't make it fit everything, but I'll guess 'round'.

Sorry, no.

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casino or club....???

If I'd gone to the first, I'd be there for hours. If I had gone to the second, I'd never forgive myself.

am not a gamer but maybe some kind of boxing or, better yet perhaps, wrestling video game?

Along the right lines, but not one so complex as that...

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