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16??? I know, I know, I'm dumb. I'm trying anyway though.


no, but your not dumb! trust me - i know how hard it is to not get an answer right, and trying to keep thinking of answers. but keep trying. :) i like new answers. it means my riddles are acually worth guessing for.

Okay, I'm coming back to this one...

Mike Singletary!!!

a...state? bananas? lightning bolt?

My mind's all over the place...

no, and no. good tries though!!

the state thing reminds me: i need to start my state riddles again...hmmmmm...

I keep thinking that it's a triangle with angles 30, 60, and 90 degrees and therefor sides scaled at 1, 2 and sqrt(3) units.

nope!!! I like that though...but no. :(

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A house plant? Random, but just popped into my head.


it IS a common household object...

just saying

Does it have to do with Christmas?


well...it depends...

i would say no, but i/my family/relatives/guests DO use it at christmas

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Are "twice divided by two" and "four divided by four" meant to be redundant or two completely separate clues?

ahhhhh, thats part of the riddle ;)

honestly, i forget what the "2/2" part was about (ill probably remember in a month or so :P ), but as i remember the significance 4/4 part, ill say they're separate. :)

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