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I just followed your "instructions" and got 0.6180 (the golden ratio) / 2 / 2 = 0.1545. Then I divided the 4 by 4 (though it is unconventional) to get 1: 0.1515, which relates to how old you were turning (15) and the numbers 1 (present in number), 2 (there are 2 15s), and 3 (divisible by 3).

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it has to do with meiosis: the golden ratio is found in DNA, the parent cell is "twice divided by two" into four gametes, and the four sets of chromosomes in the parental cell (after its DNA is replicated) are divided into one set in each gamete. This could also easily refer to pine cones--the female sex organs in conifers--which could probably relate to "100 days to live," though I haven't found an exact connection yet.

Actually, from getting my thoughts out, I would have to say my answer is a zygote.

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