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the golden "shape" isn't a square, but close to it...


sure :blink:

i miss the states puzzles... ;)

:duh: I'll look for them...i totally spaced out on those! *runs off to go check for them*

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A Butterfly? Usually their lifespan lasts a season (about 90-100 days, I think)

4 wings (2 wings on each side?) twice divided by 2

diving pines - ref to the markings on the wings?

4 divided by 4 eludes me though

Hmmm... thought about the title, & came up with this...

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A Ski Slopegolden shapes ski lifts are squarish in shape & cd appear golden on a sunny day)

twice divided by 2 usually there are 2 lifts per cable, skiers go up in pairs (2 by 2)

4 divided by 4 dont know, maybe refers to skis & ski poles

with diving pines slopes are almost always lined on either side with pines trees, which would be slanted on a steep hill or mountain & appear to be diving.

"100 days to Live" might refer to the average length of a ski season.

Probably seriously off the mark, but here goes, who knows?

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