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and sure...first im going to just put all the hints together, one last time.

1) this is a whole #

2) this whole # is near teh number 4, and is not 3

3) This IS a number.

i know this isnt all the hints, but im honestly to lazy to go back for the ones that i forgot.

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Are the golden shapes "5 golden rings"? Not sure about the numbers.

golden shapes refers to the golden rectangle. If i remember correctly, it has something to do with the fibbonacci sequence, and 5 is one of those numbers in that sequence. golden ratio i think its called...

ETA: although i like your explanation better :)

Edited by peace*out
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golden shapes (golden rectangle of proportions. look at "diving pines")

twice divided by 2 (two hands, 10 fingers. divide by two, 5 fingers)

4 divided by 4 (2 hands, 2 feet, 20 appendages, divided by 4 is 5)

with diving pines (Fibonacci numbers occur commonly in nature. pine tree needles are one of them)

the year i am turning (15)

is not the answer (remember - this was from June 2010 - i was 14 then) (15 is not the answer)

and the answer does not

include dasher or prancer (dasher - 1st raindeer. prancer- 3rd raindeer. 1 and 3 are wrong)

however, if relating

to the above (15)

than the number 3

fits like a glove (15 / 3 = 5)

Edited by peace*out
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