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Good game all around. I think the two greatest contributions to Titans victory was that beautiful deception by GM and Molly, and the fact that we had a few roles that essentially went unplayed due to inactivity. The inactive players had Rhea, Hera, and Artemis. One indy and two Olympians so the Gods were playing handicapped throughout most of the game. However, I think they held their own pretty well throughout.

Anyways, to tide you guys over until the final post, here was everyone's secret ability. I am also going to ask rookie to make the BTSC forums public now in case you guys were curious as to why each team did what.


Kronos: The youngest son of Ouranos, and king of the Titans. He is haunted by a prophecy stating that he will be overthrown at the hands of his own son.

Can perform melee attacks with 50% accuracy. Kronos can guess 3 character actions each Night to block, or learn IDs. Can make any of those guesses an RID guess to gain a BTSC partner. If he dies, he selects a BTSC partner to continue the BTSC in his place, but with only 2 guesses per night. Kronos starts with BTSC with Prometheus. He can only be killed by Zeus from a melee attack.

SECRET: Kronos can communicate with any dead player once per night. This is done by sending a message to the host, who will send it off to the dead player and then send the player’s response back to Kronos.

Prometheus: A wily and intelligent Titan, whose name literally means “forethought.” He fights alongside his brother Atlas in this Great War.

Starts with BTSC with Kronos. Can deduce one random action every night.

SECRET: Prometheus has a secret mission to steal fire from Mount Olympus. If he can get to Mount Olympus, then back to Mount Othrys, he will gain a special ability. (This would have been a fire line attack, where Prometheus would choose a direction and everyone along the line gets attacked with 50% kill accuracy each.)

Atlas: A fierce warrior, and strongest of the Titans. Perhaps one day condemned to hold up the heavens for all eternity, but today, he fights alongside his uncle Kronos in order to quell the rebellious Olympians.

Can melee attack twice per night with 50% accuracy on each target (or one target at 75% accuracy).

SECRET: Can shake the ground, preventing everyone from moving that night, including himself. This doesn’t affect Gaia’s switching power. Can’t be done two nights in a row.

Oceanus: A very powerful Titan who rules over the entire Ocean.

Can perform ranged kills with 50% accuracy, once per night. Can also transport himself from any water space to another instead of moving during the night. Can choose to save one player (instead of attacking) per night, not including himself, as long as they are both on water spaces. He has an automatic 50% chance of saving himself from attack as long as he is on water.

SECRET: If someone dies on water while he’s on water, then he can use their power the next night if he can guess their role (but he must make his guess before the end of the next day).

Hyperion: Dubbed as the Titan of watchfulness and wisdom, he is the father of the sun god Helios.

Has a 50% chance to halve the final accuracy of a target player once per night. Or, can choose to cast Light of Hyperion on any battlefield space which will reveal all players who ended their turn on that space. Can also spy the role of any player who shares the same space as him (automatically).

SECRET: Will learn the role of one random player who votes for him per day.

Mnemosyne: This Titaness is the personification of memory and language. She can confuse her opponent’s and make them forget their allegiance for the day.

Can silence the vote of any one player once per day. Can also save one player per night from all actions taken on them.

SECRET: If Mnemosyne's identity is ever spied, she can choose to be identified as any other character. Can also choose to block one player per night instead of saving someone.


Zeus: The youngest son of Kronos, and father of Olympus. He is filled with rage about the atrocities performed by his father against his brethren.

Can perform ranged attacks with 50% accuracy. Zeus can guess 3 character actions each Night to block, or learn IDs. Can make any of those guesses an RID guess to gain a BTSC partner. If he dies, he selects a BTSC partner to continue the BTSC, but with only 2 guesses per night, and the duty to kill Kronos in his place. Starts with BTSC with Poseidon.

SECRET: Can retreat himself and his BTSC allies back to Mount Olympus instead of moving for the night. This can only be done once in the game though.

Poseidon: God of the sea and ruler of horses, Poseidon will fight alongside his brothers until the bitter end.

Starts this BTSC with Zeus. Can move up to 3 spaces per night. Has a 50% chance to watch a random player’s action that’s on a water space as long as Poseidon is on a water space as well. Can also block one player per night, as long as they are both on water spaces.

SECRET: Poseidon has a secret mission find the 3 pieces of his broken trident which are hidden throughout the battlefield. Every night you automatically search the space you’re occupying, and I’ll tell you how many pieces are in the spaces adjacent to yours (like in minesweeper). Keep in mind that the pieces are subject to move according to Gaia’s ability to move spaces around. Finding all the pieces and returning them to Mount Olympus will merit a special attack. (This would have been a 50% chance to kill anyone on a water space every night.)

Hades: God of the underworld, Hades can harness the power of the souls of his deceased enemies. Getting stronger with each kill, Hades is a force to be reckoned with.

Starts with 50% kill accuracy. Can melee attack once per night. Accuracy increases by 15% for each successful kill.

SECRET: If he can guess the next day's sacrifice, he gains another 10% to kill accuracy. If he guesses his own sacrifice, then he's not killed and instead receives +10% to accuracy. Whenever he's killed, he survives but loses accuracy instead. First time he’s killed, he loses 10%, then 20% the second time, then 40% the third time, etc. Must be reduced to below 0% to be killed.

Hephaestus: God of technology and blacksmiths, Hephaestus is the only being capable of forging weapons powerful enough for the gods.

Can boost anyone's weaponry to 100% kill accuracy for the night, or can give a 25% kill ability to any non-killing role character including himself for the night (50% if Hades and Artemis are dead).

SECRET: Instead of forging a weapon upgrade, can forge armour for any player, including himself, giving them a 66% chance increase in surviving an attack.

Artemis: The chaste daughter of Zeus, Artemis is the goddess of forests and of the hunt. She shoots her arrows with such deadly skill that Gods and Titans fear her alike.

Can range attack one player per night. Has 100% kill accuracy against gods and 50% against Titans.

SECRET: Can choose to become invisible and undetectable while hiding on a forest space, as long as she doesn’t attack that night. Can also move without restriction as long as she moves only through forest spaces.

Hera: The older sister and wife of Zeus, she would do anything for her fellow gods. Although she can be jealous at times, she always has the priorities of a mother at heart.

Can save one player per night from all actions taken on them. In doing so, she also has a 50% chance to learn the ID of their attacker.

SECRET: Can bring one player back to life for one night, and only once during the game. Can BTSC with them while they’re back.


Each independent has either Titan or God next to their name. This has nothing to do with the factions and doesn’t impact recruitment at all. It’s there because when a player is lynched, their race will be revealed (either Titan or God).

Gaia: (Titan) Mother Earth. She is mother to the Titans and grandmother to the Olympians. Unsure of who to aid in this struggle, she remains independent for the time being.

Each night, Gaia can swap any two game spaces including all players who are on those spaces. She can also transform any one space every night, except Mount Olympus or Mount Othrys, which can never change.

SECRET: When she’s killed, she can totally change the battlefield by transforming as many spaces as she wants to whatever she wants (except the Mounts of course).

Rhea: (Titan) Wife of Kronos and mother to Zeus, she is torn between her love for the two. She’s betrayed Kronos once before, but does she have the heart to do it again?

Can save one player each night by hiding them, except for herself. She cannot be killed by Kronos or Zeus.

SECRET: Instead of saving, can RID redirect one player’s action to another player.

Dionysus: (God) The god of wine and merry-making, Dionysus was a late arrival among the gods. Not born of Titans, he was of foreign origins. He considers himself a friend to everyone, but has secrets that no one should underestimate.

Can send one message to any character once per cycle.

SECRET: Will learn the location of one random new player every night, and track their location from then on. If he can guess the exact location of a player at the end of any night, then he learns their location for the remainder of the game too (learning a total of two players on that night).

Typhon: (Titan) Not a Titan per se, Typhon is instead the father of monsters. Rumoured to be the largest and most grotesque of all creatures that have ever lived, he is filled with rage for being denied a place among either faction.

Can attack each night with 25% kill accuracy. Every time he fails an attack, he gets enraged and increases his kill accuracy by 25% to a max of 100%. When he succeeds with an attack, it resets back to 25%. He can also move up to 3 spaces per night.

SECRET: If his identity is ever spied by anyone, then that person will recoil in fear and become weakened (same effect as a volcano space) for the night.

Aphrodite: (God) The most beautiful woman to ever live, Aphrodite was born of the sea foam after Kronos castrated Ouranos above the great sea.

Can seduce any one player and nullify all their actions for the night. If she seduces the same player two nights in a row, she learns their role.

SECRET: If she seduces them a third time, she can make them do whatever she wants for the night.

The reason kody wasn't lynched that one day is because he predicted the night before that he would be lynched. He didn't however make that same prediction last night which is why he was vulnerable to be lynched.

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Kronos stood over the bodies of his fallen enemies as he trudged through the wasteland created by his battle with the Olympians. He had beaten the odds, and broken the cycle. Kronos has defied his own fate.

“Fool!” Lahkesis descended from the sky, shouting at Kronos. “You were not meant to destroy the Gods! You were to die at the hands of your son, as punishment for killing your father!”

“You cannot determine my destiny, puny Sister!” replied Kronos. “I am the greatest being to ever rule this world!”

“WRONG!” shouted the Sister of Fate. Just then, an enormous fissure split the land in two. Kronos gazed down into the chasm leading to the underworld when a huge hand reached up and grabbed his ankle.

“At last, I will have my revenge!” shouted Ouranos, as he began to drag Kronos down into the underworld.

As this was happening however, Prometheus stood miles away, unbeknownst to the Sisters of Fate. He watched as Kronos was dragged underground, unable to help in any away, until Kronos was dragged out of site. He then saw Lahkesis fly away, so he secretly followed her as she met with the other Sisters of Fate.

“The time of the Titans has come to an end,” Lahkesis told her Sisters. “This land will not be ruled by Titans or Gods, but instead by us!”

Prometheus listened as the Sisters devised their plans for exterminating the remaining Titans. He couldn’t let this happen. He ran back to the Titans base camp to confer with Atlas, Oceanus, Gaia and Mnemosyne.

“We can’t let this happen!” Shouted Oceanus after hearing about the plan from Prometheus. “If Kronos defied the Fates once, then perhaps we can do the same!”

"We will rescue Kronos, and we will kill the Sisters!" Shouter Atlas.

“It’s a long-shot,” mumbled Gaia, “but it’s the only shot we've got.”

The Titans then fled to a secret location where they could bolster their forces in preparation to take on destiny itself.


Kind of left the story open for another game. It might be ready later this year, like July or August hopefully, so keep your eyes open for it. Thanks for playing everyone!

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Thanks for hosting AI.Great Game.

@MM: How were you able to figure out pretty much all of the titans roles?

@GM: What made you think that I was Zeus? I did not think that I had gave out a lot of information regarding my role in the first couple of lynches.

Edited by Framm 18
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The note I sent to AI and the message was...

The message I have encoded in the forum is a Red Herring to keep the curious amused occupied thinking I have a secret I don't. It reads decoded

"This message has been specifically designed to keep the curious occupied while I am busy planning my strategy. It is basically a waste of time"

and its key is


Which should keep the Olympians busy on a fools errand



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kody...it's obvious.

slick...I can't say I was sorry to see phaze go...he's his own worst enemy... :wacko:

AI: When does the day end?

Not exactly careful about speaking ill of the dead are we OT?

Try walking in my shoes, see if you can figure out why I acted the way I did in this game

Clue: Molly Mae and I were both on square 6 night 1

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That's how we got MM. Phaze did help a lot and our advantage at the beginning is all thanks to him.

@Framm: Honestly I just took a pretty good guess. It was partly voting and partly I knew that the person who attacked me N2 had to be a pretty experienced player. Therefore I went and just guessed :P

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Thanks for hosting AI.Great Game.

@MM: How were you able to figure out pretty much all of the titans roles?

Hey, guys. It was a good game. Sorry I haven't been around...I've been having some issues...

@Framm: Phaze was Hyperion, who died on water. I guessed his role, so I used his ability to spy roles on the same space. There just happened to be a lot of people on the same space when I did that.

This one was loads of fun. I'm sure you'll see me around more often now.

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