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We're finally starting. Below are the role descriptions for each character and general rules for the game. There are two factions, the Titans and the Olympians. There are 6 players are on each team, and 5 independent players. Each independent can be recruited to a team using pleas, which will be explained a bit later on.

This game is played on a hexagonal game board, which is shown closer to the end of this post. Each character can move up to 1 space per night unless otherwise specified. Melee attacks only hit if the target is within 1 space or on the same space as the attacker. For ranged attacks, the target must be in a straight line from the attacker, along one of the 6 directions perpendicular to the sides of the hexagonal space the attacker is occupying. Below are the role descriptions for each character. In the descriptions, if the action is described as being against a player, then the target given in the night action PM to me must be a player’s username. If the action is described as being against a character, then the target given in the night action PM to me must be a character role. Each role will also have at least one secret ability, so stay wary!


Kronos: The youngest son of Ouranos, and king of the Titans. He is haunted by a prophecy stating that he will be overthrown at the hands of his own son.

Can perform melee attacks with 50% accuracy. Kronos can guess 3 character actions each Night to block, or learn IDs. Can make any of those guesses an RID guess to gain a BTSC partner. If he dies, he selects a BTSC partner to continue the BTSC in his place, but with only 2 guesses per night. Kronos starts with BTSC with Prometheus. He can only be killed by Zeus from a melee attack.

Prometheus: A wily and intelligent Titan, whose name literally means “forethought.” He fights alongside his brother Atlas in this Great War.

Starts with BTSC with Kronos. Can deduce one random action every night.

Atlas: A fierce warrior, and strongest of the Titans. Perhaps one day condemned to hold up the heavens for all eternity, but today, he fights alongside his uncle Kronos in order to quell the rebellious Olympians.

Can melee attack twice per night with 50% accuracy on each target (or one target at 75% accuracy).

Oceanus: A very powerful Titan who rules over the entire Ocean.

Can perform ranged kills with 50% accuracy, once per night. Can also transport himself from any water space to another instead of moving during the night. Can choose to save one player (instead of attacking) per night, not including himself, as long as they are both on water spaces. He has an automatic 50% chance of saving himself from attack as long as he is on water.

Hyperion: Dubbed as the Titan of watchfulness and wisdom, he is the father of the sun god Helios.

Has a 50% chance to halve the final accuracy of a target player once per night. Or, can choose to cast Light of Hyperion on any battlefield space which will reveal all players who ended their turn on that space. Can also spy the role of any player who shares the same space as him (automatically).

Mnemosyne: This Titaness is the personification of memory and language. She can confuse her opponent’s and make them forget their allegiance for the day.

Can silence the vote of any one player once per day. Can also save one player per night from all actions taken on them.


Zeus: The youngest son of Kronos, and father of Olympus. He is filled with rage about the atrocities performed by his father against his brethren.

Can perform ranged attacks with 50% accuracy. Zeus can guess 3 character actions each Night to block, or learn IDs. Can make any of those guesses an RID guess to gain a BTSC partner. If he dies, he selects a BTSC partner to continue the BTSC, but with only 2 guesses per night, and the duty to kill Kronos in his place. Starts with BTSC with Poseidon.

Poseidon: God of the sea and ruler of horses, Poseidon will fight alongside his brothers until the bitter end.

Starts this BTSC with Zeus. Can move up to 3 spaces per night. Has a 50% chance to watch a random player’s action that’s on a water space as long as Poseidon is on a water space as well. Can also block one player per night, as long as they are both on water spaces.

Hades: God of the underworld, Hades can harness the power of the souls of his deceased enemies. Getting stronger with each kill, Hades is a force to be reckoned with.

Starts with 50% kill accuracy. Can melee attack once per night. Accuracy increases by 15% for each successful kill.

Hephaestus: God of technology and blacksmiths, Hephaestus is the only being capable of forging weapons powerful enough for the gods.

Can boost anyone's weaponry to 100% kill accuracy for the night, or can give a 25% kill ability to any non-killing role character including himself for the night (50% if Hades and Artemis are dead).

Artemis: The chaste daughter of Zeus, Artemis is the goddess of forests and of the hunt. She shoots her arrows with such deadly skill that Gods and Titans fear her alike.

Can range attack one player per night. Has 100% kill accuracy against gods and 50% against Titans.

Hera: The older sister and wife of Zeus, she would do anything for her fellow gods. Although she can be jealous at times, she always has the priorities of a mother at heart.

Can save one player per night from all actions taken on them. In doing so, she also has a 50% chance to learn the ID of their attacker.


Each independent has either Titan or God next to their name. This has nothing to do with the factions and doesn’t impact recruitment at all. It’s there because when a player is lynched, their race will be revealed (either Titan or God).

Gaia: (Titan) Mother Earth. She is mother to the Titans and grandmother to the Olympians. Unsure of who to aid in this struggle, she remains independent for the time being.

Each night, Gaia can swap any two game spaces including all players who are on those spaces. She can also transform any one space every night, except Mount Olympus or Mount Othrys, which can never change.

Rhea: (Titan) Wife of Kronos and mother to Zeus, she is torn between her love for the two. She’s betrayed Kronos once before, but does she have the heart to do it again?

Can save one player each night by hiding them, except for herself. She cannot be killed by Kronos or Zeus.

Dionysus: (God) The god of wine and merry-making, Dionysus was a late arrival among the gods. Not born of Titans, he was of foreign origins. He considers himself a friend to everyone, but has secrets that no one should underestimate.

Can send one message to any character once per cycle.

Typhon: (Titan) Not a Titan per se, Typhon is instead the father of monsters. Rumoured to be the largest and most grotesque of all creatures that have ever lived, he is filled with rage for being denied a place among either faction.

Can attack each night with 25% kill accuracy. Every time he fails an attack, he gets enraged and increases his kill accuracy by 25% to a max of 100%. When he succeeds with an attack, it resets back to 25%. He can also move up to 3 spaces per night.

Aphrodite: (God) The most beautiful woman to ever live, Aphrodite was born of the sea foam after Kronos castrated Ouranos above the great sea.

Can seduce any one player and nullify all their actions for the night. If she seduces the same player two nights in a row, she learns their role.

More Rules:

BTSC: I will ask rookie as soon as possible to set up 2 hidden forums for this game. There will be one for the Titans and one for the Olympians. Once recruited by Kronos or Zeus, players will gain access to their respective forum.

The Battlefield: The battlefield is made up of 19 hexagonal spaces, as shown below.

This is the starting terrain for the battle. As part of your Night 1 actions, each player chooses a valid starting position depending on their faction. Titans can start on any space from 1 to 6. Olympians can start on any space from 14 to 19. Independents can start on any space from 5 to 15. The different game spaces are outlined below.

Game Board Spaces

Plain terrain (Light green): Normal space

Water (Blue): Can be used by Oceanus and Poseidon for special abilities

Thick Forest (Dark green): Provides cover from ranged attacks. Attackers must be within melee range to attack people in the forest.

Volcano (Red circle): Weakens players by making them more vulnerable to attack. Kill chances against them are brought closer to 100 by 50% (so 50 becomes 75, 70 becomes 85, 90 becomes 95, etc.)

Mount Olympus and Mount Othrys are isolated from the rest of the battlefield. When standing on either Mount, the only actions against you have to come from the same space. Meaning, if you are on a Mount space, you can only affect, and be affected by, other people on the same Mount space.

Lynching: Lynches are controlled by the sisters of fate. When someone is lynched, two of the three sisters will appear, and no pair will appear more than twice in a row. If Atropos, the eldest of the three sisters appears, the player is killed. If Lakhesis, the middle sister appears, the player is weakened and loses their powers for the night, but not killed unless Atropos is with her. If Clotho, the youngest sister appears, the sacrificed player gets to make a plea for an independent, and each independent only needs 1 plea to be recruited. Either team can recruit a maximum of 3 independents. After being lynched, whether the player survives or not, the player’s race is revealed in the day post.

Days and Nights are (normally) 24 hours long. Night 1 will begin after the intro post, which I’ll make once I've sent everyone their roles. Night actions will be sent to me using Brainden's PM system and any questions can also be sent to me or posted to the game thread. The current roster is as follows.

Host: A.I.

1) Polly Migo

2) Gmaster479

3) Framm 18

4) JarZe

5) golfjunkie

6) akaslickster

7) abhisk

8) jeffery12109

9) peace*out

10) onetruth

11) xBeej

12) twin_bro

13) music_luvr95

14) harvey45

15) Molly Mae

16) phaze

17) actressgirl

Let the Battle Begin!

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What is the wincon? To be majority, I assume?

Will locations on the board be shown? If so, will you show characters or players?

Are pleas for indies just general pleas, or sent toward specific characters? And are they public(shown in day posts)?

Finally, what is the policy for a tie lynch?

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It's not really a goodies vs. baddies this time around, but for the sake of the BTSC forums, Titans are in the Baddies forum and Olympians are in the Goodies forum.

As for winning, the winning team is the team that eliminates every player on the other team first. Independents can win by surviving until the end without getting recruited or by getting recruited and winning with their team. Player locations will not be shown on the board, so do your best to deduce where people are based on whether actions hit or miss and subtle clues in the night and day posts. If say someone attacks another player who is within range, but miss because they only had 50% accuracy, I will let them know that they were within range but got unlucky with the dice roll.

For Indy pleas, if Clotho appears to a lynched player, they get to immediately recruit an independent character to their team. That independent player is not allowed to turn down the plea. They will also be shown in the day post so that people know which team the independent character is playing for now (they still won't know the independent player's name though).

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, in order to encourage people to vote during the day, anyone who hasn't voted by the end of the day will have a vote counted against themselves instead of wasting the vote. I'm gonna have to think about what to do in case of a tie however, so I will get back to everyone on that one.

Finally, you can choose your starting location when you send in your night 1 actions, as long as it fits the conditions stated in the first post.

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Ok, I think everything's set up and ready to go. Most people have given me a confirmation of their role receipt, so i'd appreciate it if everyone could send me some type of confirmation if you haven't already. I'll be making the Intro story post late tonight either way.

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For Indy pleas, if Clotho appears to a lynched player, they get to immediately recruit an independent character to their team. That independent player is not allowed to turn down the plea. They will also be shown in the day post so that people know which team the independent character is playing for now (they still won't know the independent player's name though).

If an Indy is being lynched and Clotho appears which team is the recruited Indy recruited to?

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If an Indy is lynched and is still independent, then they just wont recruit anyone since they dont belong to either team. If a player who used to be an indy but was recruited and then later lynched, they can recruit for the team they were recruited on.

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Introduction: Seeds of Vengeance


Kronos’ voice boomed in the night sky. Bare-chested and wielding the scythe forged by his mother, he shouted again.


The colours in the sky swirled and mixed together until they formed the image of the sole of a huge bare foot. The foot came crashing down to Earth, landing in the middle of the ocean. It was followed by another foot, equally large, which landed next to the first, causing tidal waves in the ocean. Ouranos, Father Sky and sire of the Titans, stood ankle deep in the great ocean. Kronos looked up at his father from the shoreline. Though Kronos was as large as a mountain, his size paled in comparison to the awesomeness of Ouranos, who stood as tall as the sky.

“You have imprisoned your children in Tartarus for long enough!” shouted Kronos. “Gaia has freed me, and armed me, so that I can finally kill you.”

Kronos jumped with the strength that only a Titan can possess, and landed on Ouranos’ knee. He scaled the mighty deity, cutting and slashing him as he climbed. He also ensured that Ouranos would never be a father to anyone else ever again. When he reached his father’s throat, Kronos paused.

“Any last words father?” asked Kronos.

Without resisting at all, Ouranos answered, “I knew this moment would come. It is the price I must pay for what I did before you were born. But know this, young one. Just as you have murdered your father on this night, so shall you suffer the same fate!”

With these words, Kronos stared deep into Ouranos’ eyes, trying to determine if he was telling the truth. But looking into his father’s eyes filled his heart with greater vengeance than ever before. He raised his scythe high, and with one fell strike, decapitated his father where he stood. Ouranos’ body collapsed down into the sea, and Kronos jumped off in order to land back on the shore. Looking at his father’s freshly decaying corpse, Kronos once more considered those last words. “So shall you suffer the same fate!” With a heavy burden on his mind, he turned around and headed back to Tartarus in order to free his remaining brothers and sisters.


Several years later, Kronos is sitting on a golden throne in his temple in Crete. His wife, Rhea, can be heard across the countryside, screaming. Kronos sat in silence, waiting for the screaming to stop.

In the other room, Rhea was screaming in pain. It was not the labour of childbirth that was causing her pain, but the knowledge of what was going to happen after she gave birth. Gaia, taking the form of a matronly old woman, entered the room to aid Rhea.

“Stay strong my dear,” said Gaia. “We have a plan this time.”

“I won’t let it happen again!” screamed Rhea, and with one final push, she gave birth to Zeus. Gaia quickly snatched up the baby Zeus, wrapped him in some cloth and headed for the window. As she reached the window, an enormous eagle swooped in and perched itself on the window sill. It grabbed the baby in its beak and took off far into the distance. As Gaia was doing this, Rhea took the opportunity to grab a large stone from the ground and wrap it in swaddling clothes in order to disguise it as a baby. She cradled the stone in her arms in preparation to fool Kronos when he arrived. Kronos was not far away. He had heard the screaming stop and was now traversing the countryside in order to reach Rhea. As large as a mountain, Kronos ripped the roof off of the house in which Rhea waited for him. Gaia had already disappeared, leaving only Rhea cradling the pretend Zeus. Kronos stared down at Rhea, and she understood what to do. She left the stone on the bed and backed away. Kronos reached down with his mighty hand and snatched up what he thought was the baby Zeus, and then he brought his hand to his mouth and swallowed the stone in one gulp.


The years passed slowly, as Gaia raised Zeus in secrecy. Gaia told Zeus how his father had devoured is older brothers and sisters, just as he had tried to devour Zeus as a baby. Zeus grew up loathing his father for this, and vowing to take revenge once he became strong enough.

After a lifetime of training, Zeus emerged from his cave on Mount Ida, the place he called home, he prepared for his journey.

“You don’t have to do this,” Gaia said to Zeus as he was leaving. “I saved you from your father so that you could live peacefully.”

“You expect me to just let him get away with what he’s done?” Zeus replied. “He killed my brothers and sisters, and he deserves punishment!”

“He was only acting out of fear!” Gaia responded. “Fear of the prophecy that he would be overthrown by his own children.”

“Well in that case, he was right to be afraid of me.” Zeus calmly retorted. Zeus then left Mount Ida and went in search of Kronos’ palace.


Finding Kronos at the foot of Mount Othrys, Zeus met his father face to face for the first time. Zeus had armed himself with a sword he had forged in preparation for this confrontation. As Zeus approached his father, rage built up inside him and the sky began to rumble with thunder and crackle with lightning.

“You will pay for what you’ve done to me!” shouted Zeus.

Kronos stared down at his son, disgusted. Quickly coming to the realization that Rhea had betrayed him, he spat at the ground in front of Zeus.

“You pathetic being, you should never have been born!” And as Kronos shouted these words, his immense fists slammed down on Zeus’ position. Zeus was quick though. He jumped out of the way then jumped on Kronos’ forearm and began to run up towards his chest. Kronos raised his arms attempting to shake him off, so Zeus jumped towards him and held on to his father’s stomach. With a ferocious war cry, Zeus stabbed his sword deep into Kronos’ stomach and tore it across from one side to the other. Kronos howled in pain and buckled to his knees. As the blood gushed out of his midsection, something else unexpected happened. Zeus’ lost brothers and sisters came pouring out of Kronos’ stomach too. Fully matured, they had grown up and come of age inside Kronos.

After seeing all his children alive in front of him, Kronos stood back up. Wounded, but not dead, Kronos said to Zeus, “It will take more than simple blade to kill me, son.” Kronos then let out a mighty shout, and his nephews Atlas and Prometheus came running from the horizon. They stood on either side of Kronos, like bodyguards protecting their leader.

Kronos turned back to Zeus and said, “Give up now boy, you have no chance in defeating us.”

“I will defeat you, and I will sentence you to an eternity of torment and punishment. Death is too good for scum like you!” replied Zeus.

Starting to regain his strength, Poseidon stood up and sided with Zeus. “And we will help you slay this tyrant,” he added.

“You have started a war here that you cannot possibly win!” bellowed Kronos. “The Titans are the greatest beings to ever walk this Earth! Your puny rebellion will be crushed!” And with these words, the three titans turned and left for the top of Mount Othrys.

As the Titans left, Zeus and Poseidon helped their weakened siblings to their feet, then retreated to Mount Olympus. They had to prepare themselves for what was ahead, for it would surely be the greatest war ever waged.



We have officially begun! Send me your Night 1 actions along with the spaces you want to be on for Night 1. Please get your actions in as soon as possible. Ideally, Day 1 should start in 24 hours.

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Quick update, I've decided to change the starting position rule slightly because there's been a bit of confusion. I've just made the starting area for each team slightly larger. Titans can can end their Night 1 actions in spaces 1 - 6, 8, 10, or 11. If it helps, you can think of this as starting anywhere in spaces 1 to 4 then moving one space. Olympians can end their Night 1 actions in spaces 14 - 19, 9, 10, or 12. This would be like starting somewhere in 16 to 19 then moving one space. Independents have the same starting rules as before, can be anywhere from space 5 to 15 on Night 1.

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When do we get the night post A.I?

I'll be able to make the night post once everyone's actions are in, but so far only 5 people have sent them to me. Hopefully it will be done by later tonight (like 11ish EST).

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If AI approves then fine by me. I'm rotten with cryptograms, myself.dry.gif

In a fit of mercy I'll submit the following


As I have encoded spaces this tool will not help. But it will give you some insight into how I created the code and you may be able to manually decrypt it using a similar method.

Good luck (you'll need it)

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Codes are perfectly acceptable as long as everything's written in the thread. You're not allowed to message each other outside of the game with the cypher or anything like that, unless you have BTSC privileges.

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