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A Stoic Riddle



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Sigma, Σ, σ, ς

My name's like a letter you don’t send,

(Sigma, Σ, σ, ς)

Often break, even bend.

(Regarding hand writing the summation sign or integral sign)

Where I stand bears my name,

Standing stoic is my game.

(Greek as in Greek Philosophers)

With distant journeys I'm involved,

(σ Stefan-Boltzmann constant In Physics)

With lofty goals and problems solved.

(Σ Summation or Integration in Mathematics)

A tiny titan that bears his load,

(σ Stress in Mechanics)

I raise the odds as game unfolds.

(σ Standard Deviation in Statistics)

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Wow! About time! Plainglazed gets it.

Golf Tee

When hit, the tee can be sent off the "tee" (where I work bears my name) and it is often broken, while the plastic tees bend.

Tees help novice golfers get loft and contact and like a tiny atlas, the tee holds the ball.

Great Visual, with the Atlas :duh:

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Swing and a miss. And, not sure what you are driving at, but that isn't an everyday object, is it?

Ha Ha! I'd completely missed this. But, Shakeepuddn', true for you that a tee is an everyday object? Lucky Duck!

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Thanks folks. I was amazed that nobody nailed it sooner.

As for the person who voted it worth only one star, I would certainly appreciate your input as to how I could make my riddles, crappy as they are, live up to your standards. After all, a one star rating is meant to indicate an utter failure worthy of the garbage bin, and not one's frustration with his or her inability to solve a riddle. So perhaps some examples of your own for guidance? Thanks. ;)

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