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Well...it wouldn't be a reverse mafia. It would just mean that the mafia are the goodies and the FBI are the baddies. Nothing changes strategy-wise...it's just the character names switch.

Don't worry...I thought this would work at one time too :blush:

what are you talking about? He never said that the name "reverse mafia" implies a reversal in rules or game structure, just in the way we perceive who the bad/good guys are. As far as I understand it's a basic mafia game with the FBI being the smaller baddie faction infiltrating the larger Mafia 'goodies'. What wouldn't work about that? I think it's a great idea and when NickFleming gets more experience and equipped enough to host it, he should do so :)

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So you don't think name reverse mafia really fits? Since really the informed minority tends to be, if not always, the 'baddies', my reversal was just in connotation, I might be using that word awkwardly, of the factions. Sorry for any misconceptions. It would go along just like a basic mafia game. And thanks unreality :thumbsup:

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The FBI/Mafia one I was calling Reverse mafia, but Gmaster doesn't like the name, so I'll call it something else. Anyone got any ideas?

Baddies (Uninformed Majority): Mafia

Godfather: Cannot be killed in any way besides lynch as long as bodyguard is alive. Has BTSC with Consigliere. Vote is weighted x2.

Consigliere: The Godfather's chief advisor. Has BTSC with Godfather.

Bodyguard: As long as the Bodyguard lives, so does the Godfather.

Informant: Has connections on the streets. Can learn the role of one person each night.

Crooked Cop: On the mafia's payroll. Can save a person from a lynch ONCE, can PM me about it and change their mind up until day post.

Corrupt Official: Also on the mafia's payroll. Can make any vote count x0 or x2.

Hitman: Takes care of the dirty work for the mafia. Can kill one person each night.

Initiator: Has learned to read body language to tell if new initiates are telling the truth. Can PM the host once each day and night to learn if a statement was true.

Goodies (Informed Minority): Federal Bureau of Investigation

Inside Man: An agent planted in the mafia. Through conversation learns the role of one person each night.

Surveillance Specialist: Closely, but carefully, follows one person each night to learn who they visited.

Interrogator: Roleblocker. Can pull one person in for questioning each night. Of course, due to the mafia's code of silence, he learns nothing. But that way they can't cause any crimes that night.

Inside Man's Old Partner--Does NOT have BTSC with the FBI. Knows who Inside Man is. He was recently put on admin duty for screwing something up. He now reviews audits from the IRS and checks his facts against their database--has 1 RID guess per night to learn a players ID. After his big screw-up, he was on trial. He avoided getting canned thanks to the help of his old partner, currently an Inside Man for a mafia sting. If anything should happen to his partner, he'd lose it...--If the Inside Man is killed, the Old Partner must attempt to kill someone the following night and every night thereafter. After his first attempt, his role and ID are published in the night post.

I've had Gmaster and Molly Mae check it for balance, and I've also PMed unreality asking him, too. Any comments, suggestions, or criticisms just tell me.

Edited by NickFleming
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cool. im spreading word anout MM too. just look at my sig.

anyhoo, i like the FBI mafia thing youve come up with. maybe the mafia could have less baddie things, if you know what i mean? (i dont, not really) otherwise the baddies would easily win.

and my sherlock holmes mafia will probably be sometime in december. and i am cohosting with prince_marth85. if anybody knows of any SH characters, let me know.

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Ah, Watson, Mr. Holmes are the only two for sure. Maybe you should base it off of one specific Holmes story. Maybe the Hound of the Baskervilles. (I think that was the name. I'm not sure.)

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I think I've perfected aifaM. I'm going to want to run some tests though. Since Mirror Mafia doesn't seem to be starting and probably won't start any time soon, should I put down a test run (9 people) now?

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