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Games to Come (e.g. Mafia)

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You could get some more experience playing Justice League UNLEASHED [/shameless advertising]

It's a shame, though. the older, better generations of mafiosos and mafiosas seem to have moved on from the Den.

Hello Mafiosos and Mafiosas, On this thread please post: - A mafia idea (no roles, just a general idea), - Who will be hosting it (whether you want to host it, want somebody else to host it, or

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Okay. After Star Trek mafia and Unreality's game is Warrior Cats mafia. I'll post signups about midway through Star Trek mafia.

I've updated the Games signup spreadsheet.

Since Unreality's "Sanctuary" has already started and Star Trek Mafia(STM) signups are not complete, I guess STM will start the next year *shrug*.

I don't know how long "Sanctuary" will last since there are no time-rules posted, but I'm available to start STM if signups are filled and people playing in both games don't mind.

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oh I didn't realize everything was so structured, sorry. I just kinda started the game willy-nilly it seems. It's not really a mafia game and it won't detract I think so probably just ignore it in terms of what games are going on now

It's just an almost ad-hoc manifestation of order (ad-hoc includes GMaster's influence :D).

Seriously now, the next Mafia's signups are not full anyway and we rarely get to play in one of your games (this would be my first). I'll ask the players that signed up for both before I start STM if they can manage two things at a time. But it's OK if "Sanctuary" has full attention / no other Mafia in progress while it lasts (I'm biased of course)

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@segul i think you or at least someone should do a zelda mafia, as a fan of zelda i would find it entertaining and i'm sure otheres out there would too

I will try to create it but I am having slight difficulty thinking up roles.

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Lol...that was done by music_luvr on another site. But...that site is dead :( so talk with music about reviving it here.

Also @segul: Just play in more mafias and you will get the hang of different roles in no time :thumbsup:

Understood, but I also need to find enough characters that are actually in Zelda on goodie and baddie sides

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