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aifaM? The reverse Mafia with people coming back to life. I won't give up on Mirror Mafia, but Mirror Mafia may take a while. Also, the games thread has been pretty quiet. A small game could help revive that and help get more players. What do you think?

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Sometime in the future I may host a Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2 Mafia. I looked through the mafia history and the closest thing i found were the Anime battles. I'll hopefully post an ideas thread for ideas and such for characters, roles, etc when Mirror Mafia gets over

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My cohost for maFBIa, EDM, won't be back until 2-3 weeks from now, so anyone else can go ahead and put up signups after mirror is done. Also, anyone have any idea for the other ability of the consigliere? Bodyguard we've added block, not sure if that was there when I posted it.

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ok, yeah, i think i have my sherlock holmes mafia pretty good. I just need some help with athelney jones. i dont have anything yet. maybe a faction spy? but yeah, if you guys could look over this and let me know if my balance is off or something. and i'll probably post sign-ups ASAP. i'm aiming for next wednesday.


WINCON: capture or kill Professor Moriarty, and be the majority.

Sherlock Holmes-famous detective

-can spy 1 role from a player on odd nights

-can arrest a suspected criminal on odd nights instead of spying, but has 50% chance of failing

can ask arrested person yes or no questions

when arrested, that person cannot perform an action the next night, but can still vote for a lynch. whatever action they were doing on the night they are arrested, will still be done.

-has BTSC with Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson-Sherlock Holmes's friend/roommate; is a doctor

-can save/heal 1 person per night

-has BTSC with Sherlock Holmes

Stanley Hopkins-a detective for whose career Sherlock Holmes has hope

-can make a lynch vote count for 0x, 1x, or 2x

Mycroft-Sherlock Holmes's brother

-can RID kill at night, but not two nights in a row

Wiggins-head of Baker Street Irregulars

-can spy and/or redirect an action every night

redirection is Wiggins's choice

Inspector Alec MacDonald-Scotland Yard detective

-can spy 1 role from a player each night

Inspector Athelney Jones-Scotland Yard detective




WINCON: outlive Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Inspector MacDonald.

Professor Moriarty-leader of all London gangs

-can spy 1 action per night-takes two hits to kill at night, can still be lynched. i.e. if targeted for a kill N1, will not be killed. but if targeted for kill N4, will be killed.

Irene Adler-criminal under Moriarty

-can help Moriarty escape if targeted for arrest. she can do this twice, but she doesn't know if its worth it or not. i.e. if she uses her ability on a day she thinks holmes will arrest moriarty, but he doesn't, she will have wasted a chance and cannot get it back.

Lord Blackwood-criminal

-can redirect a lynch vote



WINCON: outlive Shelock Holmes and be the last group standing.

Inspector Lestrade-Scotland Yard detective

-can redirect target at night

Inspector Gregson-Scotland Yard detective

-can block 1 person's action on even nights

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Professor Moriarty-leader of all London gangs

-can spy 1 action per night-takes two hits to kill at night, can still be lynched. i.e. if targeted for a kill N1, will not be killed. but if targeted for kill N4, will be killed.

As I stated in our personal conversation, I'm trying to understand Moriarty. Mainly the taking 2 hits to kill at night. No one on the goodie or indy side has a kill role and RID kills like Mycroft are usually unaffected by such abilities.

So taking 2 hits to kill really isn't needed as there are no goodie kill roles except for Mycroft and his kill is a RID kill.

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Hey you all! The next game you have please gimme a shout. I havent played for a bit as you all know. Love to get back on in. Pls shoot me a message telling me when sign ups are. Or just put me in there.

thanks CrazyPainter

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Baddies (Uninformed Majority): Mafia

WinCon: Eliminate FBI

Godfather: Cannot be killed in any way besides lynch as long as bodyguard is alive. Has BTSC with Consigliere. Vote is weighted x2.

Consigliere: The Godfather's chief advisor. Has BTSC with Godfather. Can redirect one person each night. Bodyguard: As long as the Bodyguard lives, so does the Godfather. Can block one action each night.

Informant: Has connections on the streets. Can learn the role of one person each night.

Crooked Cop: On the mafia's payroll. Can save a person from a lynch ONCE, can PM me about it and change their mind up until day post.

Corrupt Official: Also on the mafia's payroll. Can make any vote count x0 or x2.

Hitman: Takes care of the dirty work for the mafia. Can kill one person each night.

Initiator: Has learned to read body language to tell if new initiates are telling the truth. Can PM the host once each day and night to learn if a statement was true.

Goodies (Informed Minority): Federal Bureau of Investigation

WinCon: Become Majority and take down Old Partner if he goes into a murderous rage.

Inside Man: An agent planted in the mafia. Through conversation learns the role of one person each night.

Surveillance Specialist: Closely, but carefully, follows one person each night to learn who they visited.

Interrogator: Roleblocker. Can pull one person in for questioning each night. Of course, due to the mafia's code of silence, he learns nothing. But that way they can't cause any crimes that night.

Tech Specialist: Pretty much a hacker. Redirecter.Each night can send a message to someone which is apparently from someone they trust, the contents of which will be their new target.


WinCon: Have game end with Inside Man still alive, wins with FBI. If Inside Man is killed, then kill either the first person to vote for Inside Man (whose vote stayed on him) or whoever killed him.

Inside Man's Old Partner: After screwing up a big case and getting fired, he's turned to a life of crime to make ends meet. Can mug one person each night, blocking them. If Inside Man dies, then he goes into a murderous rage and his block is replaced with a kill.

Here it is :) OP shouldn't be hard, this mafia is set up perfectly for story.

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