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  1. peace*out

    Good post! I'm sorry i didn't donate - im just a kid! but that is a good point. I do know my family didn't pass it by though. We tried to help. My dad wrote a letter to out state about the tsunami (did i spell it wrong?) Anyways, thats a good point. save lives but don't get your own in trouble.
  2. Thats what i was thinking too! I like pressure though! very creative!
  3. peace*out

    may i ask what is the lower brain?? (this is probobly obvious and i'm just showing my stupidity)
  4. peace*out

    I know i'm putting a lot of post up at once, but here's another one: good idea lemonymelon! here are some random ideas.... 1)t-shirts 2)letters (to who? i don't know but with the word of peace 3)posters 4)website 5).......... (anybody else?)
  5. peace*out

    Good point. The only way to do this is to believe in it. Then we can really start to achive something!
  6. peace*out

    I might be able to do the website thing. I've done it before, for fun, but i might be able to do it for you guys (and girls). Tell me yes or no. If so, tell me what you want. Thanks!!
  7. I dont get it!!! what does he mean??!!!??
  8. peace*out

    Maybe he was part of a mafia group or something, and planned it instead of dreaming it. He, though, wanted to 'save the queen' 'long live the queen'. ohhh yahhhhh..... and he was sleeping on the job
  9. Tell her that to her face!!
  10. Just cheaking.... are you alowed to put jokes up? i have some but weather they're good or not.....
  11. peace*out

    Wouldn't the ship sink?? From the weight of the shark?
  12. peace*out

    Ooops!! Thanks sooooo much!!! <_<
  13. peace*out

    ARe you bacicly asking help? (sorry about the spelling!)
  14. peace*out

    Is the land Shark on land or is it just called a 'land' shark?? <_<
  15. peace*out

    How can you have different colors of noise?? that makes no sence!
  16. Even if you shuffle it, it should always have the same high card. If you add new cards each time, lets start with 50 maybe, thats a whole new problem.
  17. peace*out

    those are fun!!!
  18. peace*out

    does it have to be captain frank's blood??
  19. Thank you Very much!! I'm happy to join.
  20. Mr. Emerson has been charged with commiting suicide. He was found in a room lock from the inside, no furniture or anything to stand on, and is dead: he hanged himself. Underneath him is a puddle of water. How did he do it?
  21. 1) Drydung 2) Lemonymelon 3) Akaslickster 4) Yellowsubmarine 5) Greycells 6) Unreality 7) LIS 8) Crazypainter 9) F_I_F 10) Twoaday 11) Bobbob 12) Nayana 13) Pw0nzd 14) Tolecnal 15) Frost 16) ROF 17) Lenochka 18) Mekal 19) Kat 20) Squirt 21) Ploper 22) Dusty 23) Dnae 24) Ben_law 25) Rene83 26) Yoktado 27) Rockstar 28) Firebirdaz 29) Ravi 30) Phaze 31) Pacman rules 32) Solemnraven 33) peace*out Can i join? This is SO great and wicked cool!! I think that sometimes life should be like the olympics - Sure we all comepete a bit and strive to do our best but the sportman ship everyone shows is great! Everyone together and peaceful, and working to get medels yes but to have an experience in another countrey too. (sorry about my spelling)
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