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  1. Yep! Good job. Keep it up!
  2. Haha...I doubt this is what you're going for, but I've got to say it...
  3. I'm not really sure either, but following the same logic...
  4. Wow, being on the right track made you give up...that's ironic. :/
  5. Yeah, that's what I got . Yay, I feel validated... Time to go make Pirates 4...(unless you're all sick of these...)
  6. Well, actually, you can apply what you said about 4 pirate case to 6 pirate case as well... And, well, it *is* human nature...hence the coliseums, public hangings/burnings/beheadings, reality shows... ;P
  7. I don't think it really matters, since they are all game theory geniuses who can figure out exactly how everyone else is going to vote based on the proposed tax scheme...
  8. Well...right method of thinking about it (good), but...
  9. Same order of preference as pirates 2: Living Getting money (or in this case, losing less money) Seeing someone else die (human nature...)
  10. Yep, ties go to the captain. Same voting rules as the previous pirates (if you haven't looked at them, you may want to since it will probably help you figure out the solution).
  11. Uhh...they probably just go into the sea with him. Got to let a pirate die with his treasure... ;P
  12. Seeing the Pirate's game posted (thanks magicalcheese!) reminded me of my classes in polysci/game theory, so I thought I'd take a shot at making Pirates 3. So here's my spin: So after some more looting and plundering and general pirating, the pirates have picked up an additional member (making for 7 pirates total) and now they each have 100 gold coins. Somehow (I highly suspect there was rum involved ), they agreed to allow the captain to levy a "pirate tax". The captain can choose tax each crew member a different amount, but the proposed tax scheme (like all proposed tax schemes) must be voted upon in the usual pirate format. (For those of you who missed the previous pirates strings created by magicalcheese, here are the rules: The captain must obtain approval (yes votes) from at least half his crew (including himself) or else there will be a mutiny, the current captain will be forced to walk the plank, and the next highest ranked member of the crew will become the new captain, and the process will repeat until a proposal passes. However there is one extra catch in this case: for the pirates who vote "no" on a proposal that passes, the amount of tax they have to pay is the proposed amount divided by (the number of pirates who vote no+1), rounded to the nearest whole coin. For example, if out of 7 pirates, if three of them are taxed 100 gold coins and vote no, then they each have to pay 100/(3+1)=25 gold coins to the captain. As before, assuming they are all really smart (and relatively sober during the voting...), and really greedy, what is the maximum amount the captain can get out of taxes without risking his life? I just tried working this out myself, but maybe someone will find a better answer than I did...
  13. Thanks, and sorry, the last paragraph of that post wasn't really meant for you...I was just to lazy/pressed for time to post two separate replies. I like the originality of your scoresheet posts as well!
  14. Oh...to make sure no one gets confused, let me just say this has absolutely nothing to do with Halo...I just like the way they name their difficulty levels.
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