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  1. Yoruichi-san

    Oh, and thanks to engspangussian for the clever pattern...and the people who figured out the multiplying thing! This was totally a team effort, which is why I like this forum!
  2. I'm sorry...it wasn't suppose to be a red herring. It was suppose to be a hint...like I could of used some random names like Billy, Larry, and Joe or person 1, person 2, person 3 or something. I chose to use Snap, Crackle, and Pop because they are well-known cartoon characters, and the fact that they are cartoon characters was suppose to be a hint. I was trying to come up with something unconventional...I mean there are lots of "who am I" riddles and number patterns and stuff and a lot of them are really good, but I was hoping to create something new and original (plus that guarantees it hasn't been posted before...). Sorry if you don't like it. Hope you'll like my next one better...
  3. Yoruichi-san

    Well, that's what differential equations are for (and why I say that they are the only useful form of math). You can always write a differential equation describing what we observe. Solving that differential equation is another matter though... Thanks a lot for the words of praise!
  4. Yep, basically, cuz... Mmm...cereal and milk!
  5. So my friend made a comment that the problem with number patterns is that you can make them arbitrarily difficult...well, these get pretty difficult, although not too complex (i.e., the algorithms are short, but may be hard to find!). Find the next numbers and the algorithm for the following: Easy: 1,3,7,15,31,63,127,255,511,1023,2047 Normal: 1,2,4,13,77,702,8478,126127,2223279,45270000 Heroic: 1,5,14,24,59,92,183,217,274,389,708,801,1282,1569,1784 Legendary: 3,-1,-6,30,23,87,78,178,-1153,-1165,-3362,-3166,-3181 GAME OVER....Do you wish to continue? ;P
  6. Yoruichi-san

    Right, I forgot to include the pattern again, so here it is
  7. Yoruichi-san

    Oh, and after figuring that out, I get the first one too...
  8. Yoruichi-san

    Oh, and this is the pattern:
  9. Yoruichi-san

    I think I got the second pattern:
  10. Je suis desolee. Ce n'est pas correct. (Neither is my French, probably... ;P)
  11. You're on the right track...good work!
  12. Don't know who those ppl are...but no.
  13. Snap: It's an O. Crackle: It's an U. Pop: It's a V. Tony the Tiger: It's a period. And it's grrreat!!! Where do they live? (And what is it?)
  14. Hmmm...I hope you guys aren't implying that I'm a monkey...then I would be offended, since I'm actually a rat (at least according to the Chinese zodiac). ;P
  15. Yoruichi-san

    With help from my friend Leroy...
  16. Yoruichi-san

    Um, well from my experience riding bus routes...
  17. no offense on the sig. thingy, Hmm...not sure whether to laugh or to cry... :/ But, uh, no, that is not what I'm looking for. Keep thinking!
  18. Haha, well, I'm pretty sure others have stolen this hypothesis before both of us...in fact, I'm sure there has been like at least a couple hundred science fiction stories which include it... ;P
  19. Nicely done! Only thing I'd add:
  20. 1. Share lease of pastry over front 2. Boring way to go of ate lunch 3. Organic diary of squeal to the support proposal 4. Important from pessimistic pizza to loser of omen of former over also latin gods hug
  21. Yoruichi-san

    Ooo...could it be...
  22. Yoruichi-san

    I like oranfry's method a lot. But in case any one cares, here is how to do it the conventional way with combinatorics:
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