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  1. Maybe "to be"? To be saved, to be found, to be given?
  2. Yeah...I noticed that too...maybe add an s? Dude, I wish I were playing beach volleyball...I miss playing volleyball...I miss California... Oh well, at least I get to work on my detective skills...;P
  3. Okay, so I'm thinking maybe the 1 letter thing is a type-oh...I think the line afterwards should read "then this player must [something w/ 10 letters] him/her...
  4. The second secret role also has 8 letters...
  5. Ooooh...here is another role that has vague descriptions: The Serial Killer: This player wants to be the only player alive. Something must happen in order for his/her power to activate. Once this happens, this player can kill once a night. This player cannot be killed at night. So now I'm *pretty sure* the second secret role is the one connected with both the Drug Addict and the Serial Killer, and I think it reads: The XXXXXXXX: This is the player that the Drug Addict and the Serial Killer are trying to find. He/she is aware that ...
  6. ...cannot be killed. If the [some role w/ 8 letters] ...
  7. Traitor isn't one of the roles, the ones with 7 letters are DENTIST/BURGLAR/PSYCHIC as far as I can see...it could also be LEADERS?
  8. Yeah...that's what I was thinking, except I misspelled ASSASSIN...
  9. It it's the burglar he/she is protecting, maybe the Mafia Protector?
  10. And for the name, The [something] Protector, maybe...
  11. Okay, how about "as long as this person is still alive, the [some character w/ 7 letters, burglar/dentist/psychic?) cannot be killed...
  12. Actually, now the lack of "the" is bothering me...maybe it's just "as long as this person is still alive...", but I think the "is still alive" is correct... Wow...this is fun ;P
  13. Going with that idea and my idea, how about "as long as drug addict is still alive,..."
  14. Hmmm...so among the other role descriptions, we have this: The Drug Addict: This player must find a certain other player by PMing me the name of a player every night. If he/she does not find that certain player by a certain time, then something will happen. Which is very vague ("something will happen"?) I'm thinking one of the secret roles is this "certain other player", and part of the description is the "something" that will happen... what's a synonym for "drug dealer"?
  15. Could it be a number? Otherwise I would think it is "am I", if the role descriptions are in 1st person...
  16. So is there an "inspector" character already or a "doctor" character or a "god" character?
  17. How about he/she? ...he/she is aware that ... and for the other /, how about him/her? I don't watch Lost, but I would guess that the names of the roles would have some relevance to the show... And it would probably help if you told us what the other non-secret roles are...
  18. Haha...I think that answer is independent of the riddle itself...;P
  19. Yay! Of course referring to Schrodinger's 91...;P
  20. Yoruichi-san

    No, not really...I've just been over-exposed to math...;P
  21. Wow, very philosophical...but not the answers I was going for. :/
  22. Haha, very clever, but no...;P
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