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    Just back, perfect timing PM . 1. star_tiger - Confirmed 2. Impervious - Confirmed 3. grey cells 4. crazypainter - Confirmed 5. randro - Confirmed 6. limeliam 7. JarZe - Definitely confirmed!!! 8. RainThinker 9. voltage 10. Kathleen - Confirmed 11. Joe's Student - Confirmed 12. FIF - Confirmed 13. andromeda - Confirmed 14. Izzy - Confirmed 15. RMZ - Confirmed 16. twin_bro - Confirmed Back-ups: 1. SG
  2. Ditto... So anyone fancy another book? I didn't join in in the last b/c of the book, I didn't mind, but I had other things I would have preferred to read. Or is the book club over now?
  3. Joe's Student

    I don't know what is available to you and what the set-up is where you live but ANYTIME I have work to do I go to the Library. Sounds clich├ęd maybe, but if you can find a secluded spot there, and like Grayven mentioned, if you can stay away from the internet, then I think it would be very worthwhile. Well it is for me . And something that helps me when I'm stuck for ideas is, oddly enough, to go swimming. To do lengths, and plenty of them, really clears my head of clutter, helping me think creatively.
  4. Joe's Student

    I think that's amazing that you've named your daughter after her. Lyra was an amazing character, like you said, and since reading His Dark Materials years ago, I've always wanted to come across someone called Lyra. It really is a great name. Your surname isn't by any chance Belacqua? Congratulations btw!
  5. Joe's Student

    Looks good AI, nice one. Similar to Itachi's like you said but interesting all the same . I'll sign up as a backup for the minute though b/c I may be busy this week, so I'll let others go in first. If a spot needs filling or someone needs replaced PM me. Roster Host: A.I. Co-Host: Impervious 1) twin bro (reserved) 2) IDNE (reserved) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) Backups: 1) JS
  6. I don't know if he knew, guessed, or was just bluffing to save Izzy. I was also surprised no one called me out for not having arrested Bb when I said I would..
  7. Awesome game everyone! Thanks LIS and SD for the whole set-up, SD for your excellent posts (Host Messages were a perfect touch ), and to the fellow Agents. Even with our run ins it was really good fun . We had a total mix-up on Day 2 though. There was confusion in the ranks so I went after Izzy. Then I found out we didn't want to go after her, even though we knew she was the Frenchman. So I had to back-track, which turned you all on me... . That was our most stressful point, but once we got through that the odds were heavily in our favour. And the Agents got lucky that the attention was focused so much on Rogues, if it wasn't then the outcome would have been very different. Oh and SD, I didn't mean to seem impatient earlier, I was actually looking for confirmation from you that the day was over. Sorry about that . And yeah, IDNE, I couldn't believe no one went for you once Itachi outed you! I think we were all like ! Also kudos to Voltage, who I thought did really well in his first game in the BTSC. Thanks everyone, well played .
  8. A Day Post coming maybe?
  9. 1 - andromeda 2 - Voltage 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T - Killed by the Merovingian 5 - IDoNotExist - voting for Andromeda 6 - Joe's Student - voting for Andromeda 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - CrazyPainter 9 - Renan - Killed by Neo 10 - MagicLuver101 11 - Randro 12 - Grey Cells - Killed by Agent Smith (Trinity) 13 - Impervious 14 - A.I. 15 - R.M.Z 16 - Reaymond - Killed aboard the Nebuchadnezzar 17 - SomeGuy - voting for Andromeda 18 - Izzy - Killed by Agent Smith (Merovingian) 19 - Zerep - Killed by Agent Brown 20 - CyberSpace17 21 - Itachi-san - Killed in the Lynch (Architect) 22 - Brandonb - Killed in the Lynch (Twin #1)
  10. Anyone worried there's an ulterior motive here... i.e he can't be lynched or picks someone in his stead? I hope not but we can't do anything to prevent it if there is. Edit: I see no one else is suspicious of this... anyone smell paranoia?
  11. That was my worry too... And it is a worry b/c the Agents are the most dangerous.
  12. Forgot I hadn't voted yet. I think we should make sure in case some voting manipulation comes into play. 1 - andromeda - voting for Brandonb 2 - Voltage 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T - Killed by the Merovingian 5 - IDoNotExist - voting for Brandonb 6 - Joe's Student - voting for Brandonb 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - Crazy Painter voting for Brandonb 9 - Renan - Killed by Neo 10 - Magic_Luver101 11 - Randro- voting for CyberSpace17 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Brandonb 13 - Impervious - voting for Brandonb 14 - A.I. 15 - R.M.Z 16 - Reaymond - Killed aboard the Nebuchadnezzar 17 - SG - 18 - Izzy - Killed by Smith [Merovingian] 19 - Zerep - Killed by Agent Brown 20 - CyberSpace17 21 - Itachi-san - Killed in the Lynch (Architect) 22 - Brandonb
  13. I'm not saying it's certain, but I would go 90% that he's Rogue. Which, if I'm looking at things correctly, means we're hitting the Rogues far more than the Agents. Renan could have been an Agent, but other than than that I'm not sure if we've killed any other Agents.
  14. That's the crux of it though, depending on the host. Is that how it was in Supernatural? I can't remember now. Clarification would be nice, but I doubt we'd get it.
  15. From him and Izzy voting for each other Day 1. It's a tactic coming from right up Bb's street. Plus him going after me, presenting the argument that I was an Agent, when Izzy was on the stand. It's far more likley that he's a Rogue.
  16. It seems alot of people know who is alive and dead...
  17. Was it not the Merovingian that killed him? And seeing as Bb is for sure a Rogue that would add up. Does this mean Ceraph is dead? Or I wonder did the RID bypass the autosave?
  18. Good job Neo! Renan can only have been a baddie, and more porbably a Rogue Program. Waiting on some info to see how I vote. Unfortunately though, I can't see a way for us to win this, unless ST ad possibly reaymond were someway bad. Edit: SG already said it. Although I wouldn't exactly recommmend Neo to say anything.
  19. No I know it's from the show, what I meant though is that it took you to point it out to me, because I had totally forgotten it. I knew there something odd about it when Itachi said it but I forgot it came form that small town with its swaying trees... Loved that sereis .
  20. I absolutely love Twin Peaks! An amazing show. I hadn't made the connecton with Twin Peaks though...
  21. Circumstances have changed. 1 - andromeda - voting for Izzy 2 - Voltage - voting for Izzy 3 - Jarze - Killed by Agent Smith 4 - Prof. T - voting for Izzy 5 - IDoNotExist - voting for Itachi 6 - Joe's Student - voting for Izzy 7 - Star Tiger - Killed by Twin #2 8 - Crazy Painter voting for Itachi 9 - Renan - voting for Itachi 10 - Magic_Luver101 - 11 - Randro- voting for Joe's Student 12 - Grey Cells - voting for Impervious 13 - Impervious - voting for Joe's Student 14 - A.I. - voting for Izzy 15 - R.M.Z voting for Brandonb 16 - Reaymond - Killed aboard the Nebuchadnezzar 17 - SG - voting for Izzy 18 - Izzy - voting for Professor Templeton 19 - Zerep - voting for Itachi 20 - CyberSpace17 - voting for Joe's Student 21 - itachi - voting for Joe's Student 22 - Brandonb - voting for Izzy
  22. I never said I had kidnapped Izzy. In fact I didn't kidnap Izzy. I used my Secret. And rolled a 5. Edit: I said it all here.
  23. I inserted the right term. But like I said it was a misinterpretation and mistake. Sorry.
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