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    Ok, well I'm not sure what's going on now... why no one has been participating in the game, WE NEED TO START STACKING VOTES AND MAKING THINGS HAPPEN!!! The alliance will not win if we do not do anything!! WE NEED TO PRESSURE PEOPLE! So... I'm going to go ahead and point out that Segul is the most suspicious (citing my original reasoning). Second to him, Araver is 2nd. For a few reasons, the most significant of which was when he removed his vote and claimed "Removing my vote for now as there's enough pressure around." This is significant because his vote actually removed the pressure from the majority vote holder. He basically made it a point to try and halt pressure and stall discussion through that act. In addition: This would be VERY helpful to know before the end of the day! It also goes to show that he is creating a tie vote for the purpose of either killing several people at once, or ending the day with no information being gained. So yeah, Segul is #1, Araver is #2. Who's #3? WE NEED VOTES!
  2. Brandonb

    You're gonna have to do better than that. My vote stays.
  3. Brandonb

    Well, I was going to say that your response might normally suggest that you are a BG, since I only asked for a response IF you were BG... and I got a response... But now, in addition considering this... Molly has been confirmed as a non-BG. You are now at the top of my list. 1. Molly - Voting for Slick 2. maurice - Voting for woon 3. Framm - Voting for Maurice 4. Segul- voting for Molly mae 5. araver - Voting for Slick 6. Hirkala-zombified 7. onetruth - Voting for Maurice 8. NickFleming 9. woon 10. slick 11. Brandonb - voting for Segul 12. firno - Voting for Slick
  4. Brandonb

    It was meant to be transparent... worth a shot though
  5. Brandonb

    lol! BTW, @Segul and firno, I have the ability to force players to reveal their roles publicly in the thread if I want, which I am now using on you both. Please post your role IF you are a BG.
  6. Brandonb

    Here's the post I've been waiting to submit all night, and now that my questions have finally been answered and my strategy ruined... I'm glad to finally be back in a game of mafia! However, I am not very happy with my role. As such, and because I cannot see a reasonable chance of my faction winning otherwise, I am going to go ahead and come out and and let everyone know that I am a member of the Scorpion Army. I am saying this now, and early enough, because I think there's a chance that I will either get killed or zombified if I wait until the night post [though this obviously did not happen. I guess not being able to make this post on time worked out for the best]. I urge the other Army members not to out themselves right now. I just wanted to let the heroes know that I think it is in our best interest to work with you considering our wincons can occur concurrently. You all just have to outlive the BGs, and we have to outlive the BGs... and Mana. Anyways, I'm obviously not going to tell you which member, because I don't want to be hit by Randi's RID. Plus I don't see much threat from BG's kill right now considering the spy should be their #1 target (plus, killing me really won't make a difference considering, if I'm a boy, then I'm interchangeable, and if I'm the Boss, then I'm invincible). [Though I guess now that I'm forced to make this post late, after I've been spied, there is at least 1 person that knows my specific ID... maybe two ] So take this as you wish. The BGs should be the #1 priority for the Heroes right now, and the Heroes should be BGs #1 priority. So I want to come out and propose an alliance between the Army and the Heroes. Also for what it's worth, it should be known and made clear to everyone that Sheex not only copies the ID of his target, but he also gets to know that ID. So araver has been spied by the baddies.
  7. Brandonb

    Same here... still waiting for a response so that I can take action...
  8. Brandonb

    Secret of Mana Mafia

    Sorry, I have a few more Qs. 5) What's a killroy? How does the army kill? Kilroy is an annoying boss in the game. The Army has no kill Then this still brings up the question... how does the Army win if they are supposed to outlive the Mana AND the BGs? It just kinda flipped the situation where now the Army must work to protect the Heroes until the BGs are all dead. i.e. if the Mana all die, then only the BGs can kill and there's really very little chance in the Heroes winning, and if the Heroes lose, the Army automatically loses... I dunno, I guess it's possible, but only when considering the redirect. 12) Are people informed that they are redirected? Is it put in the night post? The redirect is put in the night post. That's concerning, considering there's a decent chance that it will out the person that was redirected. 14) Are blocks mentioned in the night post? Yes. Same issue as #12
  9. Brandonb

    Secret of Mana Mafia

    Lol thanks... and might I say, what an incredibly strange and random thing to request The only thing that I can think of that would be stranger is if the entire website decided to mimic it... Hey, mind checking to see if one of those people would be willing to fill the last spot on the roster here?
  10. Brandonb

    Secret of Mana Mafia

    Thanks maurice, that is a huge help! Sure you can call me Bb. Come to think of it, a strange coincidence... according to that mafia guide, the role list was written by someone named Bb...
  11. Brandonb

    Secret of Mana Mafia

    Hi, I'm new here. Can someone please tell me how to play? Sage Joch: LJ 1. Molly 2. maurice 3. Framm 4. Segul 5. araver 6. Hirkala 7. onetruth 8. NickFleming 9. woon 10. slick 11. Brandonb 12. @ LJ/Host Questions 1) What's the order of sacrifice between the Army boys? Do they go in order? Or random? Or one on an even day and one on an odd day? 2) Does the army have BTSC? And if not, do they know each other's IDs? 3) When does Thanatos get to use his ability? 4) When does Jema get to use his ability? When does it go into effect? 5) What's a killroy? How does the army kill? 6) Do the Bodyguards have to choose who makes the kill each night? Can the kill be redirected or blocked? 7) Does the army boy only die in the place of the Army boss during the lynch? Or also at night? 8) What happens if Randi dies? Does the Army automatically win/lose (because there is no RID kill remaining to take out the Army Boss?) 9) Have you considered the point that if the BGs lose, then the Army automatically loses too? It seems a little strange that the Army has to try to preserve the BGs until all of the Heroes die off... Doesn't seem like it's really possible for the Army to achieve a wincon like that (i.e. the Heroes win as soon as the BGs die, and the Army wins if they have to be the last standing, so if the BGs lose, the Army automatically loses too). 10) Does Thanatos' ability work to block on the same night that it is used? Or does it go into effect the following day? 11) What if Thanatos chooses Jema? Is Jema immune? Or does Jema permanently lose the ability to act/save himself? 12) Are people informed that they are redirected? Is it put in the night post? 13) What happens if mara is redirected? Does Mara get to know who her spy target was redirected to? 14) Are blocks mentioned in the night post? That's all I can think of for now. Thanks!
  12. Brandonb

    You mis-numbered Good point! Even better reasoning not to make deals with the devil
  13. And yes, #1 is now officially answered.
  14. Brandonb

    What if a tow truck broke down while towing another tow truck? http://failblog.org/2010/11/07/epic-fail-photos-tow-truck-fail-2 :duh:
  15. Looking forward to signing up for one in about a month I hope there's something good and well-balanced coming for mid-December!
  16. Brandonb

    Edit: Crap,sparky beat me to it
  17. Brandonb

    BTW, how long ago did the other mother kill her baby? And how old is the baby?
  18. Brandonb

    Very well explained Bona. It's been a long time!
  19. Brandonb

    THE END ...? Out somewhere among the stars, a Celestial known as Bb The Punisher was telepathically watching the events unfold on earth. “Yes! YES!!! This is the Mayhem I have dreamed of!!!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back on earth, the battle for the very fate of the planet ensued. Super Villains, Super Heroes, and a Mysterious and Powerful Traveler all clashed for dominance. *Thwip* *Thwip* *Thwip* Phaze, The Incredible Spiderman, swung and sailed through the night sky of the city from his spindly webs. In his typical Spiderman monologue, he talked to himself, “This is all getting confusing, I need to clear my head and just watch out for myself tonight.” Just then, a piercing woman’s scream cried out from an alley below. “Heh, nothing boosts my spirits like spoiling a good old fashioned mugging. Look lookout wherever you are… HERE I COME!” Spiderphaze dove into the darkness below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the other side of the city, high up in an presidential suite, The Kingpin, also known as Abhisk, was standing with his back to an abnormally large oak desk, facing with his enormous full-length floor-to-ceiling window wall that overlooked the city. “Poor little Spider will never see it coming…” he thought to himself as he placed his hand against the cool smooth glass. “What was that?” came a metallic voice from behind him. “What are you planning Kingpin?” Kinghisk whipped around to see golfjunkie in full battle armor. “How did you get in here?” “It’s no matter, knowing won’t do you any good.” Ironjunkie joked as an arsenal of mini rocket launchers emerged from his shoulders and took aim at Kinghisk. “You really think I’m going to tell you? He should know better than to mess with me, I OWN THIS C…” The explosion that followed blew out the entire floor of the building. Late night office workers from building all around the city could feel the shake, hear the boom, and see the shards of glass that shot out on all directions. “I must find Spiderphaze before it’s too late!” Ironjunkie thought to himself as he flew out into the night sky in search of his partner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in the alley, a gang of three thugs had begun to surround a young woman backed against a brick wall. As if descending from heaven, Spiderphaze landed between the Woman and the gang. He turned to face the thugs keeping the woman close to his back. “Hey dirtbags! Do you wanna do this the easy way? Or the hard way?... PLEASE say the hard way.” SpiderPhaze’s smirk was so big it could be seen through his mask in the darkness of the alley. “OMG! Spiderman! Thank you!” Screamed the woman. “Hey, that’s him! The boss said that’s all we needed to do” said one thug. “Yeah, we done our part for the Kingpin! We don’t need no trouble Spiderman” said another. “C’mon fellas, lets go get pa…” Suddenly thug #3 fell to the ground lifeless. A huge burst of energy had cleanly taken off his head! Spiderphaze’s spider-sense went CRAZY as, in a blink, he watched the other two thugs suffer the same fate. A bellowing and terrifyingly evil voice boomed from behind him. “Thanks for dropping in Spiderphaze!” Spiderphaze barely had time to turn around and comprehend the change of the damsel in distress, into the monstrous towering figure of Afoxalpse! The screams that ensued filled the air after the city had just begin to comprehend the explosion of a nearby skyscraper moments earlier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flying through the air, Ironjunkie heard the cries of pain “Spiderphaze! Over there!” he thought to himself as he changed course towards the alley. Seconds later he landed next to Spiderphaze’s body… or at least, what was left of it. “NOOOOOOOOO!” He cried to the skies. Then, as he lowered his gaze from the heavens, he realized that he was not alone. “Golfjunkie, I have come to test you…” A hollow and emotionless voice came out from the darkness. Checking his various sensors, Ironjunkie could only make out that there was an incredibly powerful presence interfering with his equipment. “Who’s there?” “To some I am known as the Herald, to others ‘the traveler,’ but I believe you Earthlings have dubbed me ‘The Surfer.’” “Oh…” Then, as soon as he laid eyes on the omnipresence that was the Silver Truther, Iron Junkie emitted a 1-shot chest energy-blast that he knew would virtually drain his energy resources temporarily. But he knew that’s all he had… 1 shot. The darkness was vaporized as the energy blast connected squarely with the Silver Truther… No wait, the Truther was shielding himself with the source of his energy, his board! The board not only shielded the Truther, but it also absorbed the energy. Now weakened, IronJunkie took a knee. “That is a great improvement on your human technology that you have there. I think it would be best if this did not get into the hands of other of your kind. It could be harmful to my master.” The Silver Truther then proceeded to telekinetically remove the Arc Reactor from Ironjunkie’s chest. Without it, Ironjunkie could not live. “Thank you.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning the sun rose again on the city of New York. Citizens awoke to the news of bodies of Super Heroes in the alleys, and Super Villain guts strewn across rubble. “So you are all that is left” Bb The Punisher telepathically linked himself to the remaining survivors. "Afoxalypse, Silver Truther, Prince Mulk, and Ghost Frammer. What do you decide?" The Silver Truther spoke first “I wish to eliminate Afoxalypse! She bears the most power that rivals my own!” Next Afoxalypse’s voice BOOMED, “First, I want to take out that meddling Ghost Frammer! I’ll tend to you later Truther…” Ghost Frammer and Prince Mulk spoke to eachother. “I will die if both of the others vote against me… This could be the most difficult situation we have ever been placed in.” Ghost Frammer said to The Mulk. Prince Mulk smiled, “Then actually, it’s not that difficult of a decision… Bb…………………………………….... Night posts and general game information post coming later
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