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    wuz up?

  3. Ok: Assuming that only one person ate the cakes and only one person is lying, solve this puzzle.
  4. Mother baked 12 delicous, cream-filled cupcakes. She was going to give 3 each to her 4 children, James, Joe, John and Joshua. That was until a problem ensued. Someone stole all the cupcakes, gobbled them up, and didn't leave behind a single trace. Not one crumb! So, Mother called up all the boys and asked them in order if they were the culprits. This is what they said: James: ''I didn't eat them!'' Joe: ''James is telling the truth'' John: ''Joshua is lying!'' Joshua ''I did not eat them!''
  5. Please find the answer to this puzzle: A king's crown contains a number of these jewels: Emerald, diamond and sapphire. There are more than twice as many diamonds as there are emeralds. The number of sapphires is less than half the number of emeralds. What is the minimum number of jewels in the king's crown? emerald.bmp diamond.bmp
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  7. sparkyboy6

    ''Where is Jill's father?'' In a house? I mean, you're saying ''Where'' is he. Aren't you?
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