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  1. Oops, I missed the part about 1/2 being in the ground. Let me clarify
  2. Brandonb

    Question, if it perfectly mirrors the real world exactly. Does that mean a reversal (mirror) of all visual perceptions as compared with the real world, or that it creates a perfect facsimile of the real world? Also, when you are in the virtual world, do you remain sitting in the same spot, or do you actually get up and walk around in the real world while you participate in the virtual world?
  3. Brandonb

    -Sorry, that answer worked for brhan's question, but not for this one.
  4. Brandonb

    Actually I wasn't even thinking the ability to feel pain, I was thinking the ability to speak and take away (or relieve) emotional pain in others.
  5. Brandonb

    I misinterpreted brhan's "colored ball" post and accidentally came up with this. I believe it is much simpler but still entertaining. Billy put a number of different colored balls (ex. 2 blue, 5 red, 1 purple, 7 green...) in a box. After a while he added 20 more balls (all of the same color as one color already in the box) to the box, and the addition of the new balls did not change probability of drawing two balls of the same color (with replacement). How many different colors of balls are in the box? And how many of each color were in the box originally?
  6. Brandonb

    Not quite, the statement says that they had to serve half their life sentence, not that they had to spend half of their life outside of jail. This satisfies them serving half a life sentence without allowing them out of the jail.
  7. I HAVE ANOTHER SOLUTION! THE QUEEN slept with a new man every night, the next day the women knew that a new husband had been unfaithful but does not know if it is her own husband. On the 40th night the queen ran out of men to sleep with, so the women know that there is no man left to sleep with the queen, and ALL 39 of the men are shot. The queen is revered for sleeping with ALL the men in the kingdom AND having them ALL killed. The black widow queen. How do ya like dem apples?
  8. Another fully satisfactory answer to the problem is that the elevator simply does not go to the 10th floor, but maxes out at the 7th. There is no mention that the man goes to the lobby in the morning directly from his floor, and rain is merely a ploy in this answer. It is another "truly satisfying" answer. In addition, the given answer acknowledges the man's intelligence in his ability to use tools, yet deliberately dumbs him down to be unable to plan for the daily button challenge. If the man was reliant upon an umbrella, would it not be reasonable to assume that he would always bring a tool to press the button? Such as a retractable pointer of sorts?
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