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  1. It does because the title is connected to the figure and the question.. The firgure are rectangles with elipse on top of one end.. no color, but common sense tells us it represent an arrangement of matchsticks that need to be modify for higher symmetry.. You could see dozen solutions easily , Yet chosen the square cross..why not the 2x2 square? why not the tic-tac-toe? This is where you supposed start to wonder and recheck and reconsider everything.. or 'look inside the box'.
  2. Check it again,perhaps you didnt considered the heads..
  3. A 52% bias toss for head using the 51% tail bias coin was done for fair result .. How bias is the floor then?
  4. 3 match moves to balance symmetrically …Can you spot it?
  5. No. Since the upper ball ends up closer to the hook than when it started, the lower ball is moving downward.
  6. Nice puzzle. Is the lower ball at rest when they collide?
  7. J -- -- -- --o | | | | | | o Attached at ends of a one unit long and weightless cord are two identical balls with a unit mass. If the cord slides on hook J w/out friction.. How far can the higher ball can be pulled horizontally away from J ,so that when released it can hit the lower ball?
  8. A merchant bought 4 watches from a craftsman . On his way home he opened the box containing his purchase. He realized that one is telling a wrong time then notice one of them is not running while one of them is running at different speed..only one always tell the right time. He returned all the watches inside the box and brought it back to the craftsman. When the box was opened for complaint the craftsman told the merchant that none of the watches in that box tells the wrong time. The merchant believed him and went back home without replacement or fixing of his purchase. Wearing the watch that always tell the right time ,when he got home the other watches in the box tells the right time. Is there some explanation for this?
  9. hi bmad i dont see my drawing is sufficient for all pentagons ..just want to answer the op. Gavinsong got interesting approach
  10. A riddle nay. A quarter is not a fourth not even a coin nor it is a room.. A dram is not a gram or a type of memory access that is random..
  11. In words..how many quarter of stone are there in a grain of dram?
  12. The three boxes were delivered to a store. Each box contains bottles of Regular,Special and Premium quality wines.All of these bottled wines are indistinguishable. Same in bottle and cork shape or color or volume content.Neither sniffing and sipping helps..while allowed to drink. The products only differ in densities. The Regular and Premium weighs X-grams lighter and X-grams heavier from the Special respectively. 1) What must be done to label at least one box correctly using a balance scale in first try?
  13. The spider on its web just in front of the tower clock's center plans to strike the bugs on the tips of the clock's 6" , 8" & 10" hands. It must move straight toward the edge to encounter all its preys in one passing as near as possible. If the spider speed is one inch per minute..at what time should it start the attack?
  14. Modifying witzar's (64,16,64) A _:_ A system to 0-:-0 for symmetry and progressive clockwork pattern..
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