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  1. o--------1mile--------o--------1mile--------o | |1mile | | o--------1mile--------o--------1mile--------o | |1mile | | o--------1mile--------o--------1mile--------o Build a road system that access all the 9 towns shown on the map. How long is the total length of shortest pavement that can be constructed?
  2. Is "farther" refers to the difference or to the comparison of distance? Both can be correct.. but often to refer to the difference.. we state 2times more unit distance.
  3. They overlapped on one side (blue)while intersects on the other 2 sides (red) near the vertex. .. the triangle height =0.7132 while the line distances =0.713 only .. can't fit between.
  4. How many chess pieces you can place on a chessboard without forming a square? (the center of every piece must coincides middle of board squares)
  5. _ [ + ]=== ===/ * ]_ (o o o o) (o o o o) Two tanks are moving head on straight against each other without stopping. Green Tank top speed is 2x Unit distance/min. faster than Brown Tank. Green Tank bullet speed is 2x Unit distance/min. faster than Brown Tank. Brown Tank enemy detection range is 2x Unit distance farther than Green Tank. Brown Tank effective bullet range is 2x Unit distance farther than Green Tank. Which of the tanks hits the other first?
  6. How can all existing mathematics Equations be combined into one single Formula?
  7. I think of 5..if 1 unit circle is measured on its diamater
  8. that's it..keep folding just be careful on cutting. You remember cutting the letter size paper to fit your whole body through it?
  9. How to cut a hole on the 1x1 square paper in order to let the 1x1x1 cube rock pass through it with 1 cut or snip of the scissors?
  10. 11 x 11 is the answer.. N=7 may result in larger square. the Tangram I found w/ 5 rectangles are: 1x1,2x5,3x6,4x9,7x8 . Good two Logophobic! @buddy boy- thanks for the solution.. maybe I should have said " none of them have a common dimension" but I got a square rectangle piece. @Dejmar- Yes its not like the Chinese Tangram in no. of pieces
  11. ..but "length of side" doesn't necessarily be the longer or horizontal side of a rectangle. Thus you got all rectangles with common sides. Anyway it's a wise answer..
  12. Find the smallest MxM square Tangram that is made of N rectangular pieces that do not share the same (integer units) length of side.
  13. Can you figure out the remaining connections above?
  14. Hint: quarter,stone,grain and dram are not S.I. units..
  15. Genders -female,male,neutre Clue :a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p r s t u v w x y z
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