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  1. Bill has five pennies . He shall make as many triangles as he can to gain more money. For every unique triangle that he creates on a flat table (3 corners at centers of coins) he wins a nickle but for some triangles that dont overlap or intersect with other triangles, he wins a dime. He shall declare the triangles he formed on the table. So Bill can name the identical coins A,B,C,D and E. Note U$ penny is 1-cent, nickle is 5-cents and dime is 10-cents. How shall Bill put all his coins on the table for greatest earnings?
  2. that is cool .. a layout other than all vertical dominoes .
  3. the above gif was copied from googled image .. i guess it is also a puzzle: where you place all 28 pieces of the double six set..vertical and horizontal dominoes are allowed.
  4. @Thalia the columns can contain two of any of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6.. (8squares)
  5. A double six domino set. made up of 28 domino tiles.
  6. Can you arrange the 6 x 6 domino set in order that all columns and rows contains 0 - 6 ?
  7. @rocdocmac Your 2nd solution is the only position I thought possible. plasmid almost have it if he made adjustment of "d7" Salutes for your 2 more solutions!
  8. On the 2 x 1 grid all 7- segment digits above can be formed one at a time as seen on clocks , calculators and other digital devices. If we are allowed to flip or rotate and overlap segments, how should these digits be configured inside the 3 x 4 grid ,so we can see all of them at the same time?
  9. Remove 4 pieces from the above position.. then place them back on any free squares of the chessboard so that no square can be formed by any four pieces on corners of a square . Which pieces to choose and where to position them?
  10. I got five of that one, Just two of another Only one for the none And all of the others.
  11. Yes sir . You have the solution. Webdings and Osk (win7/10) does the tricks
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