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  1. Three of the above standard dice of know weight has a magnet pip on center of one side. These cheat dice weigh normally when measured on top of the throwing table with induced magnetic field but would be 1 unit heavier or lighter when the magnet pip is facing (parallel with) the table. With balance scale and/or weighing scale available..what is the best method to sort out the fair die.
  2. What's the watch speed if it runs backward 1sec/sec relative to your stationary real time?
  3. @bonanova..Right question..its means pointing to the middle of an arc joining 1 and 2. I think the chicken can't figure that..but can view it as the "distance of a 1 to hour hand's tip is equal to the distance of a 2 to the hour hand's tip". @wg..i.e if both hands points to the middle @harey..yes 0:00,6:00,12:00 are counted.. but it's more than eleven. Can you find the other?
  4. The Rooster crows every time the hour hand points exactly between 1 and 2. How many coock-a-doodle-doos shall it make from midnight till noon?
  5. Hi CaptainED Actually it is a "case1a" as stated from the OP..Can this be done in 4 or less? I almost forgot what B) ask..its like placing the bells on the scale and wish (granted) that the would be balance or one pan up or one pan down..so that on the next weighing all bells are identified.
  6. ---NO-----ART-------IS--------KEY Complete the message above by decoding the character clues below:
  7. For first thought..will it fit in a 9 x 10 with 1 blank square inside or corner?
  8. All cleared . Good job ! What's the better weighing machine?
  9. Right but don't miss the solution for using the digital weighing machine..
  10. A bearing factory cuts four steel balls into halves with a gram or 1% difference in weight due to laser error. The eight pieces were all mixed up in a collecting bin and shall be paired into 4 similar spheres.. Using the balance scale and/or the digital scale..How can it be done quickly?
  11. measure MC length measure the 2 angles formed with vertex C apply sign law for triangle, calculator is needed. 4 unknown lengths, compute angle form with vertex M Use compass and straight edge to make that angle on the ground
  12. For field work using Meter tape as compass and ruler. given length p.. make the cutting lines from M let intersection points be c1 & c2 ) measure C-c1 , C-c2 & c1-c2 add and compare to p.. adjust c2 along its line measure C-c1 , C-c2 & c1-c2 add and compare to p.. repeat until distance sum=p is ok
  13. To unlock safe : Turn the knobs to figure out the right combination. What are the 8 words?
  14. Lets see.. Not like how I imagine it ( center of gravity in x-y-z symmetry). But that is better!
  15. This is a simple mechanics+ geometry puzzle.. I'm not sure if the "2015 MIT Mystery Hunt" is a type of metapuzzle?
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