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  1. Brainiac100

    Newbie Mafia

    Sorry, jay. Aura and I are almost done planning it. The theme is...
  2. To live and let live. That's my opinion. Question everything and trust what you see as logical.
  3. My mom's from Cyprus! XD Welcome to BrainDen! It's a pleasure to have you here
  4. 1. Panther 2. Brainy 3. Phil1882 4. MollyMae 5. Framm 6. Flamebirde 7.Rob_Gandy 8. DudleyDude 9. Aura
  5. Liar Game BD First Round Roster: 1. 2. Brainy 3. 4. 5.
  6. I am fairly certain I know the order... but it depends on what the funky secret rules are EDIT- 1000th post!!!!!
  7. Brainiac100


    Go ahead. People can add themselves onto the list if they so desire.
  8. Brainiac100


    1. Flamebirde 2. EDM 3. Marksmanjay 4. Slick 5. phil1882 6. Brainiac100
  9. What happens if someone's inactive? Should we get a backup or two?
  10. Playing mafias, planning one, trying to participate in a game I know nothing about... This is awesome! :D

  11. Hehehe sorry, but my main goal in life is to take your number. Get used to it
  12. moderator: phil1882 sign ups: player 1: Framm player 2: Brainy player 3: player 4: player 5:
  13. Brainiac100

    One Up Me

    The one thing no one expects is for their work to be expected to be exceptional.
  14. Brainiac100

    One Up Me

    If it appears to be overhead, look down instead. It's probably down there.
  15. Brainiac100

    One Up Me

    Plainglazed, you're up!
  16. Brainiac100

    One Up Me

    I can do it, I guess. When all else fails...
  17. MiKi!!!!!!! Now I have to watch out for you shanking me
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