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  1. 48 Hours Night ? and only 24 Hours Day ? Somehow it doesn't seem fair :-s EDIT .. just saw the date .. So this night ends Wednesday 17th and 8PM EST, right ? meaning TODAY ? That's correct. I thought yesterday was Wednesday for some reason. NIGHT TWO ENDS TODAY AT 8 PM EST
  2. Talking during the night is allowed
  3. A quick thing to note: Auramyna and I have used the NK carrier for story purposes only. This will also be the way it is henceforth. Thank you for your patience EDIT- Basically, this means that the NK cannot be blocked or redirected. It is not done by one person; instead, just one person carries it out in the Night Post so multiple baddies aren't bashing someone
  4. Day 1: As the students filed into the gymnasium, the leaders of each club stepped in front of them. However, before they could speak, Janitor Brainiac100 stormed in, duster still in hand. "Alright, who did it? Who covered the Principal's car in duct tape?" she roared. Everyone in front of the room silently looked at each other. Suddenly, nana77 shouted "It has to have been marksmanjay! He's been acting far too shifty lately." Suddenly, the entire room was throwing accusations at marksmanjay. Brainiac the Janitor looked at him. "Well? Was it you?" And before he could defend himself, Pr
  5. Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100 1. Flamebirde- dyalDragon 2. nana77 - voting for marksmanjay 3. Kikacat123 - voting for marksmanjay 4. vcvcvc12 5. TheCube - voting for marksmanjay 6. dyalDragon - voting for marksmanjay 8. marksmanjay - voting for Flame 9. Panther - voting for marksmanjay 10. Yodell 11. lahiem -voting for marksmanjay Dead: 7. akaslickster- Incapacitated N1 by Chorus ONE HOUR LEFT!!!!
  6. Put it in caps, if you can't do it in colors
  7. Mare What happens if a word gets repeated?
  8. BTSC is Behind-the-Scenes-Contact. It's basically a PMthat involves all of the baddies (or if this were a game with multiple indies, it'd apply to them too).
  9. Yes. A trap is both a block and a save at night, and it acts as a silencer during the day. However, a trapped person may speak dlin their PM so they may ask questions and so on.
  10. Boar (Or am I supposed to list the previous ones as well?)
  11. 15. Brainy (I can actually put myself on the roster tomorrow morning )
  12. Just a few quick reminders: 1. If you have any questions, PLEASE ask. There are probably other people who have the same questions. 2. When adding your vote, please either put it on the roster with an appropriate color (we use different colors to more easily distinguish who each person is voting for) OR make who you want to vote for very clear (i.e. vote Brainiac100) so someone else can add your vote on for you. 3. Don't delete your PM/BTSC until either after the game or after you get admitted into the ghost BTSC. If you do so, you lose contact to that PM and we hosts have no idea why we've
  13. Night 1: "...and that is why you should join my club," Slick finished reciting. He looked up from his note cards to see his mother beaming at him. "Oh, you're going to do so wonderfully at the Club Fair tomorrow! Everyone is going to run straight to your booth and sign up," she said, having a proud mommy moment. Slick thanked her and headed back to his room, ready to get a good night's rest before the big day. However, just before he turned the lights off and went to sleep, Slick noticed a group of people outside of his window...singing. "With our greatnes you can't compete, At the
  14. NP up in three hours! Send in your actions! (For those of you who don't know, I'm involving the whole Daylight Savings Time junk into this.)
  15. Make sure you send your actions in, everyone!
  16. I am so incredibly excited to be cohosting a mafia for the first time :')

  17. All roles are out! Please confirm in your PMs!! N1 ends Monday, April 15 at 8 PM EST.
  18. We changed the description of the role at the last minute (same abilities, but we made it clearer). No other reason.
  19. Brainiac100

    Newbie Mafia

    Okay. We will start the game as soon as Auramyna comes back online
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