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  1. DAY 3 IS OVER!!! DP coming shortly...
  2. DAY WILL END AT 9PM EST (I won't be home in time to put up the DP)
  3. Night 3: The Guitar Club was furious. "How could TheCube have been found out?! He was partnered with US...and the Chorus. Can't forget about them, I guess." They knew that someone had to pay for this monstrosity, so they went rap-tap-tapping upon Panther's chamber door. "Hello, Panther. We just wanted to know why you didn't vote yesterday, so you didn't help to save TheCube." Panther stuttered, "Well, it was because-" "Actually, we don't really care. We just want to punish you for your wrongs." And with that, the Guitar Club whacked Panther with their guitars, sending him spinning to
  4. My dog goes to sleep at the top of the stairs. And just waits for us to trip over her. And gets confused when we do.
  5. Brainiac100


    Yup. Curr3nt's leading it
  6. Day 2: The students in the lunch room had a lot to talk about, especially after the episode with marksmanjay yesterday. However, Lahiem came sprinting into the room, shouting "I know that Panther is a baddie! Or is it TheCube? Perhaps it was Yodell?" Lahiem, being told that Yodell had been "taken care of" by the Guitar Club the previous night and Panther was the Chess Club captain, nearly everyone began advancing towards TheCube. TheCube panicked and shouted "Alright! I'm the Band! Just don't hurt me!" The students proceeded to hurt TheCube. Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100
  7. No. The indy exits the game. So if the Indy meets their WinCon, they exit and the remaining people keep playing? Correct. If the Indy wins, the goodies and baddies battle it out to the finish
  8. Day 2 ends Thursday, April 18th at 8PM EST!
  9. Night 2: The Guitar Club sat in a circle in their practice room, grinning because of the exception joy they felt from having watched as one of the "enemy" clubs was eliminated from the Club Fair. "That's all fine and great, guys, but we need to make sure we take out another one tonight. We'll have to do this carefully and make sure they do not know who we are," said the club's leader. Suddenly, Yodell walked into the room, saying "...and I need to make sure I stop leaving my notes in here!" She stopped. "Wait, why are you all still here?" "GET HER!" the Guitar Club screamed in unison. The
  10. Night 2 ends in just over 3 hours! Get your actions in!
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