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  1. A short puzzle, as I take a break from Epigraph writing. To get each answer, remove a letter from the one before, then add a letter. Doing this to the last answer can also get you the first answer. 1. Soft drink brand 2. Metal cylinder 3. Hunger Games character 4. Brownish-grey color
  2. I'm not going to get the minimum, but let's try a starting guess.
  3. (It begins! Thank you for your patience!) Veritas: A Mystery of Locks and Keys Our ad says, Judgment and Justice: Security Consultants. I’m Justice, security expert. My partner, Judgment, is a detective. Together, we unravel mysteries and basically make sure that masked phantom thieves doesn’t run off with the Mystic Jewels of Whatever. I guess you could think of me as a Watson to Judgment’s Holmes, or something like that. It’s not always an easy job… let me tell you about a particularly tricky case. It happened – as this kind of case always ought to happen – in an is
  4. (I'm fixing some plot holes on a giant series of posts - sorry for the delay!)
  5. This definitely helps. I'll give it a go when I'm done editing and rewriting the mystery interlude of my TWE!
  6. (Whew! It's been a long week. Aaryan: My apologies if this is tough to follow! It was supposed to be solvable using only this thread, but the Human Side has taken advantage of the duel to clear up mysteries from earlier. On the bright side, there are a few puzzles coming up soon that will pretty much take us through the first thread, page-by-page, with guidance, so newcomers can catch up. A clarification: When someone is stated to be a Witch in Red, it does not mean that literal magical Witches are confirmed to exist, but that said speaker carries the identity of the Witch in question
  7. Some of the clues, but not all, seem to point to...
  8. Potok approached, charged his sword with the evidence of the existence of a 'landing', and made a broad, wide sweep with the Blue Truth: But the attack was so broad and wide that SHIN countered it one-handed using the Red blade in his off-hand: Maybe the Tower is neither actual nor fictional; another option would be that it's both actual and fictional. ---- ---- With more than enough evidence to strike, Plasmid joined the fray! THALASSA knew perfectly well what he meant, but deflected the attack with a Red Truth, laughing: I
  9. (This is impressive coordination by the Human Side. You've practically cracked the Tower of Sorcery wide open, but I have a reason for prolonging this duel. Played well, it can shed a lot of light on this thread and the earlier ones...) It had begun! Molly Mae had charged his sword and made the first strike, aiming for THALASSA. She stepped back slightly, so that the blade wouldn't come near her rose, and let the red scythe blade catch the brunt of the attack: Blue Truth effective. But what does this tell you of the tower? Plainglazed then took his seat at the table, on the op
  10. That was right! Of course, the Sapphire Witch had died, so she wouldn't be there, but the Opal Apprentice and the eight other Witches should be. The Crimson Apprentice slipped through the halls of the Tower, where old souls were bound for many purposes, and took note of her environs. There was the Great Entry, with its grand stairway and shining tower of green, which was surrounded by a conveyance propelled by neither horse nor steam nor gasoline. There was the Room of Caged Minds, where mute Animates of great power revealed and dispatched messages of distant lands. Then there was Dudeney'
  11. What about this one? I've heard a variant on this one before, but I've never actually worked the logic for the BEST answer. Here's a reasonably intuitive answer, though, that's similar to superprismatic's approach:
  12. Hmm, I'm thinking that perhaps...
  13. It was a Witch's golem, a creature shaped into a human likeness from a magical substance that can be formless as a ghost, gentle as a caress, or unyielding as bone. Its eyes were cold and dead, and yet they could burn with terrible intensity. Its shawl did not protect it from cold, for cold was itself its element. And while most creatures are made of what they eat, a part of this golem was made of what we eat.
  14. (I will post something more substantive later, after work, but...) The Golden Truth is not the truth it seems - A trickster's bright façade, a cloak for lies. The Golden City is a ghost of dreams; Seek not the lost, nor trouble them to rise. - The Witch of Secrets
  15. (Thanks for your patience! I'm seeing definite progress on figuring out the honorifics, aspects, and names of the Witches! Nicely speculated. This will take you very far in the next puzzle! In terms of the Xin/Shin distinction - I've actually thought of that! But there's more than one way to romanize that character besides the Pinyin...) Opal Sorcerer.  THALASSA, your tricks are as clever as you,   Your quick misdirections to mystify scholars -  But I've learned how to beat them; I'll solve this one, too.   (I think that you owe me ten dollars.)  The answer is...
  16. (Fantastic going! I'll be updating this weekend, or possibly earlier!)
  17. Hmm... a variation you haven't heard yet... let me see... A person said to the doctor, "Doctor I have a memory problem." Doctor, "How long had you have this problem?" Person, " what problem?"
  18. Witch of Ciphers.  I can fit thirteen  Witches on the checkerboard;  That must be the most. Witch of Joy.  If all of the witches are black,  I'd say that we're on the wrong track;   You can fit many more,   I would say sixty-four!  (Witches on the same side can't attack.) Opal Apprentice.  Thirteen is, um, what I was looking for.  MIMULUS, that's a good guess, but I think  It really goes against the Sphinx's Sixth.  I trust with loyal faith, so I hate tricks  That make you think a puzzle's something else.    Cool solving, EDOGAWA!
  19. Nice riddle! I hope to see more riddle triads/dyads from people; sorry my computer was kind of being troublesome when this was posted!
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