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  1. (Non-puzzle interlude; the mystery will continue soon.) (Theme: ) To a Rival Witch 'Who cares for you?' said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!' Your people are no people, I'm afraid.   A grinning scarecrow, Lovers open-armed, And coward kings of brittle ivory made   Have secret lives; yours don't. And I've been charmed By hopeful cards who winked in candlelight.   I'll chat with chessmen, stitch a floppy hat To perch atop a cornfield's errant knight --   Your pieces have less guts to them than that. Y
  2. I don't know microecon stuff well, but my intuition says that the equilibrium strategies for the original poisoned cup scenario are: Let's see if I can start from that assumption and see how adding coffee switches the equilibrium...
  3. I shouldn't be concerned. Puzzles with similarly goofy gimmicks get posted here all the time, and putting it in anything but the Math subforum would probably have given away the answer. (And I'm hardly the one to talk, given that my solution to the "connect four towns with roads" problem was to make a "giant mile-wide road that covers the countryside.")
  4. Sure. I can give someone disease symptoms even if I don't have them. That's called being an asymptomatic carrier.
  5. (This seems like a reasonable next move for Justice's investigation, if nobody objects. Flamebirde also suggested the Queen's Room, and there are some suggestions from earlier in the thread, too, such as the courtyard. As for staff to investigate, we had a request for Page earlier.) (This mystery cannot be solved by asking every character what 2 + 2 is. That is all I can say.) (A good question, and one I have sort of addressed.) (Incorrect answers are liable to be shot down by Red Truth, and answers that involve abuses of quantum mechanics and/or thermodynamics are flat
  6. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: Second floor: Firefly Room: Emperor, Justice Flywheel Room: Eight of Coins, the Magician Hammer Room: Temperance, High Priestess Miller Room: Strength, Five of Wands Third floor: Wagstaff Room: Judgment Hackenbush Room: Page of Swords, Three of Wands, Seven of Cups Queen’s Room: The Queen Driftwood Room: Knight of Swords, King of Swords Quale Room: Six of Swords Spaulding Room: Nine of Swords, Ten of Swords Keyrings for each guest have been prepared and are currently in the key cabinet; each of these keyrings has only one key, the key to the guest’s as
  7. Well, the first question to figure out is: do we read the steps across or down? The second is, is this a cipher? If so, does each row represent a letter or each arrow represent a letter? A single arrow can face four different ways or be absent; it's not sufficient to represent a letter. Two arrows covers almost the entire alphabet, though - 25 combinations. So we could have to read them by twos and work that way. Alternatively, an entire line could code the alphabet somehow.
  8. Every 15 points away from the mean is supposed to be one standard deviation. If a big proportion of takers get over 140, the test is broken or designed to give people flattering results. Or both. Only about .5% of people - one in 200 - should do that well. Online IQ tests are complete nonsense.
  9. WitchOfSecrets


    Failed by self-sabotage. People do this all the time.
  10. Saturday, 1:38 PM Judgment examined the labels on the alarm panel in the security room critically. “Justice, let’s run an experiment.” “Gotcha,” I replied. I pulled the keyring from my pocket and turned on the ‘Outside Doors’ alarm while Judgment walked out to the front doors. As soon as Judgment pushed them open, an earsplitting alarm rang out, which I silenced quickly by turning the Outside Door alarm off again. Whatever was happening, the labels weren’t switched. As I later confirmed, both alarms were correctly labeled. We continued our investigation. I started heading to the Ha
  11. (Excellent thinking from everyone here! Whoops! That was careless - I was hurriedly adding color to the text I copy-pasted in, and meant to make the Queen's next sentences purple, not Justice's. Justice speaks only the truth Here's the corrected version: It would be inelegant to answer too many reader questions before the clues are all presented. It's bad enough that I gave cryptic out-of-character information, but clarifying that would make it too easy to eliminate/pursue specific suspects. Let me put it this way: If it's possible for there to somehow be "three-and-a-half
  12. It's been solved! Explaining the solution will result in my death by lynch mob, so I think I will run away now. (Compare PEETA to PEPSI. What was lost? What was added?)
  13. None of those three. Hint: Seeing as 3 relies on unfair pop culture stuff, I'll say that it's either PEETA or GALE. The first two are totally common knowledge; the fourth is a somewhat obscure, but not really totally obscure, color.
  14. (Same drill! Where do we visit? Whom do we talk to? If nobody posts new suggestions in light of the information just received, I'll go based on the earlier posts. Sorry about the long incubation time for these posts!)
  15. The table erupted into discussion as the details of the story came out, but THALASSA quieted it with a wave of her hand. “You will have a chance to present Blue Truth and ask questions at the final answer session. Be warned that at that time, your Blue Truths must be complete hypotheses that address culprit and method. Until then, the investigation will continue.” - (I’ll try to incorporate as many suggestions as possible!) Saturday, 1:05 PM We decided to split up. Of course, since there wasn’t any cell phone reception in this place, this meant that Judgment and I would hav
  16. It is not an obscure soft drink brand at all. It is about as major as they get. Not Coke, though.
  17. What if our search idepends on the previous responses somehow? If we hear that there are X black cards, can we use that information to modify our strategy?
  18. Challenge: do other reasonable answers exist?
  19. Hint: You don't have to anagram. You only add a letter to the beginning or end and remove a letter from the beginning or end. Hint two: you are all going to hate me so much. I blame a bit of sleep deprivation on my part. I do not know if this is a fair puzzle but I expect that someone will figure it out eventually.
  20. (Aaaargh architecture Aaargh timetables why did I make this so complicated? problems keep appearing as soon as I edit other problems out of the story; it's like playing plot-hole whack-a-mole. It is as if having done one really simple locked room puzzle before, I thought myself qualified for insanely convoluted contrived detective story schemes. There's your hint - answer not something super-simple. Lots of screwiness is to come. oh god. I'll have the maps posted tomorrow and then I'll post responses. I'm really sorry for the lag. TheChad, good to have you back!)
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