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  1. (I will try to post tonight or tomorrow - lots of work to do! The chess riddle is solved, but one remains.)
  2. (Nice progress!) Agate Witch.  I got it! I know what the third one's about,  I took me a moment to figure it out.  The cops won't be coming; they never do when  The men you dismember are... Crimson Apprentice.  That's right. There is no corpus delicti  (she said, with much pretension for her age.)  A baker won't be hanging from a rope.  That's all from me, your future Witch of Hope! ESPER, the Crimson Apprentice, Witch of Hope Witch of Sighs.  The Animate that faces us is such  That any man with memories of cruel,  Cold youth may end it s
  3. Illustration: Yoruichi-san's solution is elegant, but I want to sell concessions at that median divider, maybe set up a traffic island, possibly a theme park.
  4. (Theme: ) (Scene: An autumnal conclave of Witches and Sorcerers. Seated about a long table, these mysterious magicians chatter of rituals and illusions until the Sapphire Witch rises from her seat, silencing them all.) Sapphire Witch.  Rejoice! All-Hallows Eve is nigh,  The hornèd moon doth crown the sky,  Yon clock-tower tolls the long day’s knell --  The rush hour traffic dies as well.  But Witch’s revels such as these  Bow not to dull solemnities.  Come, comrades, conjurers, and kin,  And let our mystic play begin! Ruby Sorcerer.  
  5. Inspired by When the Seagulls Cry (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) The difficulty of this chapter is Reasonably Solvable. Would you care to guess? The story so far... A Note for New Players: Synopsis/Key Post Index:
  6. (I was away with a broken computer! As for the guess made in the Blue Truth, the Witch Side is not required to respond to any statements that imply that a Witch is anything other than a Witch; to admit that a Witch is an acted role is to implicitly admit that a Witch is not a supernatural being. This unfairly cedes ground to the Human Side.)
  7. My computer's fixed, and I've come back to see that Time Out has it! Well-solved!
  8. But I think most of them require a trick - see Thalia's answer for 9:
  9. plasmid: A bit too literal for this one. Thalia: England's relevant. tiger_lily111: Both you and Thalia are basically on the right track. The thing is, the way this riddle is structured pretty much requires the answer to be phrased a certain way - it's not my best. Quag: Poetic and elegant, but not what I was looking for. An edited version of the first riddle to reduce its ambiguity and add in Thalia's insight: Emblems bright of English lords -- Scarlet or white and guarded by swords.
  10. A good guess! It's headed in the right direction. That said, I recommend tackling the first two riddles first.
  11. The new chapter will begin with an opener that requires absolutely no knowledge of the previous threads to play! This will definitely help get new people involved. After that, I will index relevant posts with notes so that people can get up to speed on the most vital details. Yoruichi-san: Thanks! It's good to have an Umineko watcher here! If you want to know what was going on in Umineko, I recommend playing the translated sound novels! I never watched much of the anime because (I was told) it omitted the clues that were needed to have any chance of solving the story. The Witch Hunt tran
  12. I. Emblems bright of Western lords -- Scarlet palaces, guarded by swords. II. Water-mover, stone-breaker, Fire-watcher, heir-forsaker. III. It makes things drink, but feels no thirst - Without a needle, makes them burst.
  13. The Sea of Fragments This is the void between worlds, where the Fragments of tales finished or untold float like crystalline stars, shining through the endless expanse of possibility. Human minds do not survive long in this immense space - they lose the will the breathe or scatter into their component thoughts. One such Fragment has floated far from the others. It bears the form of a wine bottle with a blue crystal stopper, slowly spinning in oblivion. The vintage is 2011. This is the gameboard. Frozen in time, it drifts to the void, consigned to oblivion. ( ) A gloved hand reach
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