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    Three On A Match

    @PG energy was not what I was aiming for but it fits more then what I was thinking about dirt, lava, diamond - Minecraft ore, stone, pyramid - PS. Minecraft was the the one thing that appeared on all links on the first google page when I was searching for the 3 words I initially thought of Carbon but Google rulez so I changed my guess
  2. Yodell

    Three On A Match

    tree, lung, hydrogen - air breathing, food, muscle - I'm glad you revived this thread pg, it was fun reading it from the beginning.. and now i also have the opportunity of joining "the hunt" on topic : I first thought of CO2 instead of air .. but Hydrogen does not belong so Panther , did I get it right ?
  3. Wow , you two make it really hard for another to follow your conversation .. not to mention your points... Miguel, in my opinion there are no two things/objects... what ever you want to think of .. equal (as in "the same") .. but in order to distinguish between two "of the above" that LOOK the same/equal one would have to be all-knowing... to be, in a word, "God" I agree with Y-san, "sameness" as you two call it is a concept that appeared out of necessity : to learn, to generalize, to be able to share at least the part of the information that one knows and wants to share.. Most people learn best and understood things by comparison to a familiar thing/object. To use your example :If you say "pony" is the same as a "horse" but with a smaller caliber/height , does this mean that ponies are 99.99% equal to a horse, except height ? NO, because not event two horses are not equal..not by a long shot... you cannot have two identical things/objects, but they might be enough alike to be recognized by most as belonging to a "same" something (class, order, etc..).
  4. Yodell

    Newbie Mafia

    I was thinking of hosting a game .. but irl events wont allow me this .. at least not for the next 2 months ... If I survive past October then maybe I would try my hand in hosting as well.. but I will need a co-host as well... Thanks
  5. Yodell

    Newbie Mafia

    uoooofff.. first Cube and now Mike :-s.. Newbie Mafia seems to be out of luck where hosts are concerned...
  6. I got the same result as phil .. in under 2 minutes.. it took longer to color the excel fields and setup the grid to make it look pretty...
  7. You should be .. you know you could write novels for a living .. and earn big by it !!
  8. hey I don't want to step on any toes ... is just that my mind is made of in such a manner that i understand things by example......
  9. Yodell


    SAKES if 0 then L???? is proven since the only change between LAKES and SAKES is L/S
  10. God I love these kind of answers ) Question : "is it ONE or TWO " Answer: "NO" that would imply neither .. but who could tell
  11. Mike will be able to clear things tonight ..since one from his list is a proven dead villain..but he definitely needs saving from Superman (if he's alive) and/or Green Lantern... Also - I've hinted at my role from day 1 (actually from night 1 ) and all but outed myself yesterday .... and I'm afraid Atom is not alive anymore to answer Aura's question... if I read at least some hints correctly .... (of course i might be totally off as in aura's case... )
  12. so Superman and Green Lantern will have a difficult job tonight (if Superman is alive - since GL has to be .. ) : save Mike and Aura since they are the ones that can cast away all shadows Mike : put up the list with the four of us that you gave above to clear that up ... and see what BrainIAC comes up with ... Aura : throw your lasso and give us the result and HawkGirl : (since you must still be alive - if she were dead that would be revealed) : maybe u should consider killing one of Molly and Framm if Molly lives through the day .... if the baddies haven't used their lynch save day one... edit : typos
  13. BrainIAC: Y-san Roster: 1) Hirkala - DEAD [?] Killed by Hawkgirl 2) marquessa - DEAD [?] Killed by Villains 3) curr3nt - DEAD [?] Killed by Villains 4) Molly Mae 5) Yodell- voting for Molly Mae 6) TheChad - DEAD [Sinestro] Lynched 7) Panther - voting for Molly Mae 8) Framm - voting for Molly Mae 9) MikeD - voting for Molly Mae 10) nana77- voting for Molly Mae 11) TwoaDay - voting for Molly Mae 12) jay 13) Flamebirde DEAD [?] Killed by Villains 14) Aura- voting for Molly Mae 15) benjer3 - voting for Molly Mae as per Aura's and my requests.... I finally got to a computer edit .. and .. here I go to ... sleep (it's close to midnight here )
  14. I have no idea... The only thing I know is that last night current was the only one targeting current..... And after all.. we are talking about current.. right?!
  15. Check the RDs......i'm not a baddie...I just observe things...from a deeper perspective...
  16. another thought ... booster gold hasn't acted .. at all .. so either flame, marq or... jay (but not likely) disclaimer: *sorry for spamming the thread .. but I seem to be the only one on this hemisphere of the world.. although I thought Mike is on this side of the globe as well *
  17. A note to our host : the link for N3 takes me back to the beginning of the thread - is it just me ?
  18. Not necessarily .. Joker has to choose the target that he steal the vote from during the night : " Each Night, he may dose one player with his laughing gas and steal their vote the following Day (i.e. his vote becomes X2 and theirs X0; if the player dies that Night, he cannot gain)" on anther note: curr3nt made it preatty clear who he was... unfortunatelly he redirected lex to himself last night .. (saving aura or nana I think .. or maybe mike - but I think he saved aura) so it's not like Panther described it.... I'm not saying Panther is a baddie... but.. he might be misled by the fact that curr3nt was killed by Lex...
  19. And no. I'm not a baddie voting just because there's no chance for MM.... I also voted for TheChad ... Among the first ones....
  20. I vote MollyMae as well...but that leaves us with one big question: who's the last baddie.... There were 4: one down, leaves 3.... Ok, lets say HG got one N2... That would make jay the last one... But... All baddies acted so far.. And jay was inactive... Q to Ysan: can baddies power play each other??
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