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  1. Hawkgirl killing Hirk means he was not green lantern...as he suggested... Unfortunately I also believe marquesa was hawkgirl... Which would put us one goodie down.... Q to our host ( sorry but I cannot colour it...) Is self blocking allowed and successful ? If it is not then nana is of the hook... She might still be Lex but my gut feeling says she not a baddie... Could someone pls put my vote on TheChad ??!
  2. on a more personal note .. I'm going on a field trip for the next 3 days, and I'll be driving for the the better part of it ..and I'll only be able to enter the BD on my mobile .. so be warned i might be scarce on the site ... thanks...
  3. BrainIAC: Y-san Roster: 1) Hirkala 2) marquessa 3) curr3nt 4) Molly Mae 5) Yodell- voting for Aura 6) TheChad 7) Panther - voting for Marquessa 8) Framm - Voting for jay 9) MikeD 10) nana77 - voting for MikeD 11) TwoaDay 12) jay 13) Flamebirde DEAD [?] Killed by Villains 14) Aura - voting for Marquessa 15) benjer3 - voting for Hirkala Yep.. this is one thing I do remember about you Framm .. but now I'm a bit concern about the fact that Aura and Panther seem to vote for the same person everytime... and looks like Aura is copying Panther.. oooooorrrr.. they are talking behind our back ...
  4. BrainIAC: Y-san Roster: 1) Hirkala 2) marquessa 3) curr3nt 4) Molly Mae 5) Yodell- voting for Framm 6) TheChad 7) Panther - voting for Benjer 8) Framm - Voting for jay 9) MikeD 10) nana77 - voting for MikeD 11) TwoaDay 12) jay 13) Flamebirde DEAD [?] Killed by Villains 14) Aura - voting for Benjer 15) benjer3 - voting for Hirkala Framm was a bit quick to vote ... it might only be the time zone ... but yesterday when Y-san put the game thread up no-one said anything for hours... now he was right there to pick up the thread and start the vote ... Some cover story framm ?
  5. if u insist is NK blocking ? actually is any kill blocking ?
  6. On a more artistic note *trying to get on our host's good side* : I loved your introduction .....I really felt transposed to those childhood moments, when waiting impatiently in front of my tv set for the commercials to be over and the Justice League episode to begin...
  7. Okay , I'm here.. and sailing all alone I might add, no one seems to be aware that the game has started... On that subject : when will the night/day cycles change.. and more to the point.. when will the first night be over ?? PS. @our host : I don't get how u distinguish purple among black more then any other color, brighter, like blue or red ...
  8. @curr3nt : u should be mr Fantastic .. the rubber man
  9. Yodell

    Haiku WAI

    sorry for the .. but the last post was just my 500+1 post .. and felt the need to celebrate that somehow yaaaaaaaaay!!!!
  10. here as well.. but hurry !!! I'm going on a field trip next week (first 3 days) and I will only be able to enter the game using my mobile and cannot do a lot of things on my mobile alone... Also agreeing with Mike .. we already know who the bad guys are.. how could anyone wanna kill Superman :angry: ??? (Y-san - u do know that the ultimate irony of this game would be to have nana7 as Superman )
  11. Yodell

    Four Letters ROLLO

    MITE if 2 then M??E since nInE=1 and noTE=1 (and both E is proven) if 3 then M?TE since MICE/MITE the only difference is C/T and MICE=2 nvm all the above : MARE
  12. Yodell


    @Thal: The FINAL frontier
  13. Yodell


    SUNNY if 1 then S is 1st as FUNNY=0 and S/F is the only difference
  14. Q: who's got the kryptonite ? from superman's role i understand that if the villains target superman to NK the player who carries out the NK cannot perform his own action that night .. right ? (if this is the case i would always use sinestro to carry out the NK untill another baddies is dead .. since he doesn't have a role until that time :-s )
  15. BrainIAC: Y-san Roster: 1) Hirkala 2) marquessa 3) curr3nt 4) Molly Mae 5) Yodell 6) Brainiac100 7) Panther 8) Framm 9) MikeD 10) 11) 12) 13) Flamebirde 14) 15) Back-ups: 1) 2) God I love the series .. and yes .. Green Arrow is a must PS.. funny ... Brainiac 100 is playing a game hosted by BrainIAC - Ysan =))
  16. Yodell

    Newbie Mafia

    early *Voting* not booking ) (sry .. was chasing offers on the net
  17. Yodell

    Newbie Mafia

    and .. it does promote early booking .. but what about people living on the other side of the world... that might not be available for an early vote but .. it would be interesting trying.. at least once as an experiment
  18. Yodell

    Newbie Mafia

    @Flame - you could consider this as a newbie mafia game for the host.. as this will be Cube;s first chance at hostin' - am I right Cube ? - and still sign on as a player .. Usual newbie-mafias don't give roles to all players , most of the villagers/goodies are innocent bystanders , they might have a save and a vote manip ... and maybe a ploiceman/block but that's about it ... in the latest TMMs on the DEN it was more about the host learnin' as well... meaning the TMM were as complex as a "normal" mafia would be ... @Cube - you might consider passing on the NK from Leopard to the rest of the baddies...to Harst and then to Tiny if Harst is killed as well... or as a team action but with a specific player/baddie carrying the NK...thus making it block-able. And as a general observation : it would be FUN to play a mafia hosted by Cube !!!! Sign me up PS .. on a more concerned note - did u get "approval " for this game ? game queues and order .. and stuff like that .. ?
  19. I was not the last to sign in .. i just chose that nr ... for what good it did me .. but no worries .. i have never died N1 before.. so it was also an experience i liked to have.. and the ghost thread as well.. it's good knowing everything.. but it's bad that you cannot tell , or SHOUT!!
  20. good game all !! it was interesting watching from the side lines.. .. q to baddies : why placing all actions on me N1 ? .. I know the block was redirected to me .. but kill ?? :-s .. who's idea was to kill me N1 ?
  21. Oh well .. and I was looking forward to playing :-s .. @all .. Enjoy the rest of the game ..even if I will haunt you @hosts : cool job so far .. . but what's with that ditch ? @Thal : u better watch your back .. in case Flame is serious PS.I can now join the Club of people killed 1st Night ... I think Aaryan started that club
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