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  1. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    Don't you get 5 extra points for my incorrect logic? Anyways, let's begin: ??????
  2. TheCube

    Btw I know the last lyric doesn't fit and the EDIT button wasn't working.
  3. TheCube

    Have you ever heard of the "How wet was it?" jokes? Usually me and my friends, after a rainy day, would tell them to each other. Here's an example: It was so wet that I saw Noah's Ark come by. Got it? Good. I would like to see some very creative ones. They are sort of like "Yo Mama" jokes. All it is asking is how wet it was. Let's go!
  4. TheCube

    Whenever I am on Internet Explorer, I am able to get onto BrainDen. However, when I'm on Mozilla Firefox, I says the server can't be found. What does BrainDen have on Mozilla Firefox (or vice versa)?
  5. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    The E is the common one that is in all the words that have 1 point so it must be ????E? Edit: My guess is CASHEW.
  6. TheCube

    To What the hell: All year I said that I was a good boy But I got switches for Christmas WHAT THE HELL?!? That potty mouth may be the reason why I got coal instead of presents I HATE SANTA CLAUS!
  7. TheCube


    Shadow should now send it to JD
  8. TheCube


    OKay. Got it
  9. TheCube


    OK Aaryan, im ready to be PMed
  10. TheCube


    True. Ok MUTED. The R isn't proven because of TILED and is 1 and RILED is 1. The THIRD has 0 so the D isn't it in RULED. if 2 then it is ?u?e? because the E is still in RILED TILED and RULED, but if 0 it would be ?ul?? because the L is in the three I named as well.
  11. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    DROPOUT if 1, ????O??. If 0, ?????W?. WINDOWS - 1 TELLERS - 0 WANTERS - 0 FELLOWS - 0 the F and 2nd L replace the W and D and is zero so they can't be in their positions they are in WINDOWS That leaves the O and W. If 0 it would be because the O and W is left so W is missing and is in the mystery word. If one, it would be because the O is in there and the O and W is left. and O would be the same.
  12. TheCube

    I dunno maybe that was the way he was suppose to die and he was just told that something bad would happen. He expects himself to die early instead of people to mistrust him and live his last few months in misery and no one to believe him.

    1. peace*out


      can i have a draft too? :)

    2. TheCube


      Five then. I told my teachers that I might give them a draft.

    3. peace*out



      also: if you need critique, put it in chapters on deviantArt, join writing groups, and have them critique it. just syaing.

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  14. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    WANTERS Edit: That was me, Aaryan.
  15. TheCube

    I used to love the apps and take like ten hours watching them in case something happened.
  16. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    Thats six letters not seven. WINDOWS
  17. TheCube


    RUMOR If 2 than R is the second letter since there wouldn't be any change between RULED and RUMOR besides the last three letters
  18. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    ???? CUBE - 0 BABE - 0 SLOW - 0
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