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  1. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    ???? CUBE - 0 BABE - 0
  2. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    MEMOIRS Edit: I was still thinking of a word so let maurice have 'memoirs'. I will have MENHIRS.
  3. TheCube

    I chose other. I want the ability to tell the future. I will see when my parents/boss is gonna scream at me. I'm thinking of making a book about it. Think about it: In 1995, a kid in the City that Never Sleeps is given the power to tell the future before he learns he will die in 6 years. Less than one year before he is suppose to die, a plane is coming close to the World Trade Center and destroys it. He hasn't been told about this. Everyone distrust him then. Then an evil scientist decides that this would be the perfect time to sell his secrets to the government. Wouldn't that make a good book?
  4. TheCube

    I have one. I was addicted to it. Now guess what I'm addicted to .
  5. TheCube

    I knew that, lol.
  6. TheCube

    This may make me seem like newb (which I am) but how in the world are you suppose to use to quote thing because I have no clue how to.
  7. TheCube

    I did. All I found was stuff about marine biology and I thought I remembered jatek from a FB chat it was spanish. Btw you didn't offend me. German, Manatee Eats a Human!(I have no clue. That's why I hate technology mostly. They give us overloads. Even Bing does that!)
  8. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    If you have been following the other ROLLO games (ROLLO, SIXY ROLLO, and SEVENY ROLLO (?)), then this will be easier to explain. If not, see the rules They are like those except there will be four letters instead of five. Assuming that you are familiar with the rules, let's begin. I will be keeping score and will give the scores for each person after a game is finished. ????
  9. And what kind of reporting do you mean?
  10. TheCube

    I know that people still call me hat but I think initials for a nickname is not very creative.
  11. TheCube

    Spanish, Special Aqua Equipment
  12. TheCube

    If only you put it in a spoiler! It was the sound of money, Barbatos.
  13. TheCube

    People may call me Cube.
  14. TheCube

    Nope. Oh man, I see why. He didn't receive any kind of money. No coin, no note, no dollar, no trade, nothing.
  15. TheCube

    Russian, Caution: Hi-tech machinery
  16. TheCube

    There was a homeless man that was looking through the window to a restaurant. He notice a chef making a wonderful smelling soup. When the chef was going to get some pepper for the soup, the homeless guy climbed through the window to smell the wonderful soup. He apparently inhaled for too long because the chef came and found him smelling the soup. He called the cops, and Katy Solver came to the case. Solver interrogated them. Solver asked why the chef called the police if the begger only smelled the soup. The chef said the smell was through many expensive and fancy spices and ingredients so it must be paid for. Solver was pondering this until she saw a woman drop something from her handbag. Solver smiled and said, "I shall pay for the begger's smell for soup." However, the chef didn't receive a single penny. What did Solver use to pay for the begger's smell of soup?
  17. Oh ok I am used to caps on the calculator besides the 'h'.
  18. TheCube

    I try to make my own songs but somehow I sometimes do other songs beats or beats shared to the public.
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