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    A is in the fourth place because SPEAR has 1 ENEMA has none so it is not the E, OPTIC has none so it is not the P, SMIRK has none so it is not the S, and THEIR has none so it is not the R, so it is the A.
  2. TheCube

    Lol Molly Mae, but it was who answered it correctly first
  3. TheCube

    Just Because Day

    Another "true" pi day could be 3/1/4159
  4. TheCube

    A priest, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates are on a plane. There are only four parachutes left for them. Barack Obama Says, "As the President, I think I should have the right because I rule one of the greatest nations of all-time." Lady Gaga says, "As one of the greatest singers of all-time, I think I deserve to be safe. I bring tears and laughter to the people who listen to me." Bill Gates says, "As one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all-time who which develop millions of jobs for our economy and people, I deserve to live to make more." The priest says, "I have live a good life that is full and have helped millions of people reach God. I am ready to let go of a parachute for my fate." Which one will let go of the parachute and die?
  5. TheCube


    So, who is going to do the next word? I am not sure I can do it today.
  6. TheCube

    I have not a clue but maybe it is a..... Okay, I seriously have not a clue
  7. TheCube

    I believe it would be 8 because if you If there are any other answers or if my answer is incorrect, please tell me.
  8. TheCube

    Plainglazed got the puzzle correct.
  9. TheCube

    Also, how this is a puzzle itself is a probably a puzzle to me.
  10. TheCube

    Here is a riddle worth pondering of a panda in a restaurant. It goes: A panda was found going into a restaurant. After he ordered and ate, he shot at the waiter and left as if nothing happened. When the cops asked the panda why he did that, he said, "Hey! I was only living up to what I was expected of in the dictionary. So, the cops looked up "panda" in the dictionary. What was the definition of "panda"?
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