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  1. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    ?????? STRING - 0 AVATAR - 0
  2. TheCube

    I know what you mean I am cubie according to peacey. lawl (<-- That's how I avoid drowning people.)
  3. TheCube

    It was so wet that I was told to bring not only an umbrella but an inner tube outside when it rained.
  4. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    ?????? STRING - 0
  5. TheCube


  6. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    OKay! HERE WE GO: ??????
  7. TheCube


  8. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    Y is the last letter because the only difference between SEVENTY and SEVENTH is the H and yet the score changed for 1 to 0
  9. TheCube


  10. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    Alright, new word. Goodbye KM1 ????
  11. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    FAME you looked at my signature didn't you?
  12. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    RAPE? I am just guessing till i get some letters. lawl.
  13. TheCube

    Four Letters ROLLO

    ?A?E because JADE - 2 JUDY - 0 that eliminates the J and D so that leaves the A and the E. My guess is MALE
  14. TheCube

    LOL to the one about nuns shaving their legs.
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